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"In reality, the least interesting answer is usually the correct one."

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26 quotes submitted by zenzentamaki

If you keep on hiding your true feelings, who is going to be happy? If you are sad, you should say it out loud!

If you don't face each other with honesty, what kind of family is this?

It's fine if he holds bad judgements without trying to get to know me. The real point is letting just the ones who want to understand me know my real self.

So don't be afraid to open your hearts to others. It's pointless to keep testing people. All you're doing is hurting yourselves.

Even when the answer’s obvious, making one wait for it is the worst thing you can do.

You don't abuse and use people for your own convenience.

In every family, there are collisions between parents and children. Still, they will always be family.

unknown said:

The winner is the one who lives the way he wants.

Family bonds are the most important thing of all.

I don't want everybody to make sorrowful faces because of me but i wouldn't be able to stand it because I enjoy myself best when everybody has a smile on their faces.

A person who can't care about himself can't protect anyone, I think.

It is not my wish to fight alongside cowards who fear death.

The ones who lose concentration during a match are the ones who lose.

To get someone to understand, you need to talk to them. If you want them to like you, you should talk to them a lot! I don't like my feelings changed by a curse. Things that Kanazuki-chan likes, is not good at, or makes you happy... If you talked about things like that, I'd like to hear more about them. Kanazuki-chan, you know I... I like people who put in the effort, even if they're not good at it.

If you want to capture his heart... aren't there other ways to do that? He won't yield to people who don't think of others' feelings, even if a curse was used. It doesn't matter how many spells and such a person like that uses. They won't win anyone's heart.

What do you mean you can't? Don't be stupid! We're talking about your personalities! So what if it's contrary? That's who you are!

Nothing can be communicated without words but if you really care about someone, even the smallest details are important to notice.

If you still love her, I can't help that, but don't meddle with her half-heartedly. If you can surpress your feelings, then leave it.

Hmm? Why do we have to care when we aren't doing anything bad? Listen, Haruhi. I'm me before I'm a Suoh. And I'm proud of that fact.

By the way, we will never withdraw from the race. We will promptly find the originator of this letter and crush him. We'll teach him what it means to cross us.

If you really care about your sister, don't give up even if it kills you!

Nothing can be communicated without words.

How dare you leave a girl behind in the rain?! Before you throw a fit like some jealous brat, think about how others might feel!

The ultimate pain is the pain of losing your friends.

unknown said:

Don't force sympathy. Don't comfort that way.

That's all it takes to satisfy you? You're pretty cheap. That's why your relationships with your friends are cheap, too. All you're doing is playing at friendship. It's ridiculous.