Sup, my name is Una and Im a cazy otaku. My favoutie anime is Death Note. And my favouite otome game is Diabolik lovers.

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[-]unavampa8 years ago

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why does he look like L Lawliet so much
[-]unavampa8 years ago

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like a angel the bightness dead and very much alive in our fangirl hearts stay with us forever L Lawliet my sweet
[-]unavampa8 years ago

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Hell yeah
[-]unavampa8 years ago

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i hate near says that about L. it makes me wish that mello was L's sudsster because as seen in the los angles bb muder cases mello wohips L . but if mello was L secceser he would gone drown the road of jusic than becomeing a mob leader
[-]unavampa8 years ago

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so soo true you are a genis like allways