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Posts by smta135
5 years ago
In: The Best Anime Series That Has Made You Cry?

The episode in fruits basket where you saw the view of the president of the yuki fan club. Although it had it's fair share of silly moments, it has a really moving moment where she comes to terms that she isn't who yuki is smiling for and ITS SO SADDDD ;0; love is so cruel! But all of her reasoning makes so much sense as is the embodiment of how a girl feels when your crush starts dating someone else (this technically didn't happened in this situation but you know what i mean)

5 years ago
In: Loving this

How i wish i could talk and watch about anime all day, Ahh *swoon*

5 years ago
In: Loving this

'ello! I'm new and loving it. I love all these quotes and the images are Awesome