I'm too lazy to write myself an introduction!

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Posts by omairosan01
7 years ago
In: Let's write a story!

Surprised by the girl clinging onto him he wondered

7 years ago
In: Let's write a story!

"Erabe!" The voice again demanded "Go in finding out it was a girl as she clings onto you on sight" "Go in finding out it was a huge porcupine monster as it clings onto you on sight"

7 years ago
In: How do "muggles" react to anime?

Well my friend is the one that really got me hooked with anime, before Id just watch the more popular one's like Naruto etc... And there's only like 2-3 people in our school that's really into anime and stuff, everybody else is if not a K-pop is a Whatever's "IN" fan... As for my family to them me watching anime and stuff like that is just another unique hobby that I have... :D

7 years ago
In: Which Power/Ability would you choose???

Pick (maximum of 2) power/ability from any anime and what kind of situation you would use it in....

7 years ago

Infinite Stratos 2, Coppelion, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S ...... Wish I could watch episodes faster and move on to other titles I have my eyes on but I also wanna savor each episode... (Sigh) XD

7 years ago
In: Who is the GREATEST HERO in Anime History!!!?

I guess for me it would be Uchiha Itachi or Accelerator both of them sacrificed a lot for the things that weighed the most for them, doing what ever it is necessary even if the entire world would despise them for their actions...