I'm too lazy to write myself an introduction!

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just registered on Less-Real. Please give this little person a warm welcome!
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[-]LostFuture3 years ago

LostFuture's Avatar
Thank you for accepting my friend request.
[-]Tigrex224 years ago

Tigrex22's Avatar
Hello jubz, nice to make your acquaintance.
May the bond that connected us in this relationship guide you through the philosophies of the absurd. We will not see each other, but we will know each other through words or if I might be a little more specific, pixels. I have nothing to give you except those pixels represented by a computer on your screen in the front of your eyes. You will end knowing me as an entity who speaks for itself, who writes yet does not expect it to be read, for I am this entity and that entity is me. It does not expect anything from anybody and neither shall others expect from it, for if others expect, they will be disappointed and my expectations, in turn, will be unmet. That's a short introduction on what I have to give yet will not expect to receive. A short introduction about me...
So... Hello and welcome to LR. I am your guide who does nothing but slack off all day and your enthusiastic yet not that enthusiastic friend xD.
Jubz, you should also know that I'm a trickster. I cannot be rude, because I see the light everywhere.

Also, I'm an egomaniacal bastard. xD
[-]jubz284 years ago

jubz28's Avatar
thank you tigrex, im glad to meet you here. making friends without seeing one another ,and an short indtoduction about me too...
Im bit of a lazy person, an easy go lucky guy. I just want to enjoy things and take things seriously when neeeded.
thanks again.
[-]babs4 years ago

babs's Avatar
[-]lindapearl4 years ago

lindapearl's Avatar
Welcome to less-real
[-]jubz284 years ago

jubz28's Avatar