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Posts by inulove
6 years ago
In: Naruto or Fairy Tail

i choose fairy tail but then again i was never really into naruto so yea .

6 years ago
In: Who else thinks that Oregairu or Hachiman Hikigaya deserves to be the topic of teens react?

i have not seen it yet but i still think they need to do vocaloid teens are the only group beside youtubers to react to it ! its meant for that age group why not show it ? sory got off subject but i just needed to get this off my cheast .

6 years ago
In: Favourite Anime Opening(s)

youtube video link youtube video link

6 years ago
In: First Memorable Anime

inuyash it the one that made me the otaku i am you can tell i am still in love with it and still hold a special place in my heart . hell girl is one that help me explore more of the anime world .

6 years ago
In: Over-rated

agree with the first one but i would like to add FREE and sailer moon yes a lot of people like them but i just cant and will never be one of them

6 years ago
In: What was the last show you completed?

tokyo ghoul and i am so happy for the seacon season yeay more to watch :-)

6 years ago
In: AnimeAncestor

hi :)

6 years ago
In: Otakus Unite! I LIKE COOKIES!!! XD

1. Favorite cookie :sugar 2. Favorite color :clear so i can see all colors (just kidding it changes on my mood so this is what i like to say ) 3. Favorite anime/manga: inuyasha ( the anime that brought me into this wounderful world ) 4. Favorite anime character:inuyahsa 5. Chocolate or Vanilla (the ultimate question) vanilli

6 years ago
In: What are some really epic anime series?

i like tokyo ghoul ,hunter x hunter ,jojo's bizarre adventure . i dont know what youre definition of "epic" is but i really enjoyed these series good luck

6 years ago
In: Fairy Tail * ANYTHING GOES*

the only couple i want to see together is gajeel and levi i think if anyoe else got together it would change the whole dynamic of the show . it is fun imagine though

6 years ago
In: D.Gray-man

loved the anime but wish it did not end were it did