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I don't like this, I don't like this, I don't like this. Sure, I know that I have no right to be feeling this way. But I still don't like it! I just don't like it. We were always together. I was always by his side. During time of joy, and grief as well. But...I realize he's far away from me now... I'm not by his side...there's somebody else there... I don't like this! Look at me! Look at me, will you? Not with those eyes... Don't look at someone else!

Even though I'm bitter over losing, even though I'm depressed, even though my ankle hurts, and my eyes are smeared with tears...even though I've never felt worse...I wonder why the stars are sparkling like this. The scent of the music room in his hair. I can hear his slightly ragged breathing. His shoulder, wet with tears, is so warm. I am by his side. I wish time would just stand still.

Don't go thinking you can ever be alone, Kousei! I'm gonna stay with you forever and ever, like your guardian angel! Get used to it!

Kao-chan likes Watari. And you...have no choice but to love me!

Why do you play the piano? Is it for your own sake? For someone else's sake? How do you want to play this piece? How does the real you want to play it?

There are tons of musicians in the same boat. I'm sure! One who think, "I'll be darned if I do this," or "Why don't you play it?" Any yet, you pick it up again...and you sit before that score. That's how...you create the most beautiful lie of all.