Some random facts about me and my intrests. - I am a pretty big anime fan ( for more information) - I love to draw anime/manga aswell - I play ice-hockey - I like almost every sport - I've BMXed for almost 3 years - I play ps3 but only in the summer for some reason - I love hanging out with friends and going to parties aswel of caurse. - I study math-science - Of course I like music too. Every genre except opera, but prefer Japanese music, OST and metal though. - I play some songs on my keyboard when i feel like it - I can play one song on the guitar - ...

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Posts by guillaumec
8 years ago
In: Favorite Anime of All Time ! --with explanation :)

You got some good tastes :D ^^ Steins;Gate. It was one of the best anime I've watch. At first, they created a simple microwave that can send messages to the past. After that, a time machine. This anime gives off good chills because of the consequences that can happen out of curiosity and sheer determination.

8 years ago
In: Heyo!!

Same here Its gonna take awile before I completly understand this site :) anyway hey fellow less-real users :). (more info anime:

8 years ago
In: Ishimaru desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Hey hikkikomori :) Guess you're also a NHK ni Youkoso fan :). It is my second favorite :D.

8 years ago
In: Hello, Hope to meet some awsome Otaku here XD

Lol i should copy/paste your text into my profile. Well same here :) Anyway what is your favorite anime? and your favorite quote here? My favorite animes are Steins;Gate, NHK ni Youkoso, Death Note, Kuroko no Basket, Bakuman and Hajime no Ippo (in that order) so nice to meet you.