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Just a little human... I love tea, chocolate and apples... and anime, films, music, people and other living beings. And stones and flowers and dragons... Oh, and plush animals are just so awesome!!! And I'm BTS trash btw. Just saying :333

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unknown said:

If I can take the responsibility on myself, than it doesn't metter what I do.

You need love to mature as a human.

unknown said:

Dear Father, I haven't seen you in a while. Are you well? I'm doing fine. Right now, I am living in a city called Edo with some strange people called samurai. They are truly strange creatures. Even though they're usually all weak, hopeless and pathetic, when it really counts, they call on some idea called "Bushido" and become these tough, noble warriors. And they have something in common with the Yato clan. They're all fighting against themselves. I think if I stay here I can change. I think I can become a person who doesn't give in to herself.

Matsu, you said that people and fireworks bloom like beautiful flowers for an instant and then fade away. That may be true, but Matsu, even if it's only for a moment, I want you to bloom by my side and when you fade away... do so at my side. In return, I will... make beautiful flowers bloom by your side again and again.

Matsu said:

I don't mind if he forgets about me... His mind was filled with fireworks from the start anyways.