Hello! I'm Ene. Nice to meet you :) I'm 19 years old. I love anime. I'm addicted haha XD

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18 quotes submitted by erien
Birthday said:

I just think we're missing out if we're not trying different things and having fun. Life's too short.

What a laughable attempt. You should just stay where you are, groveling at my feet.

I am the shadow that has overcome the light.

Nanika, will you forgive me for being a bad big brother?

Mine said:

Wrong or not, I'll follow my own path!

Murasaki said:

People like you disgust me. You can't even face your own weakness.

When a human is victorious is when they're most vulnerable.

A guy who can't do what needs to be done today, definitely can't do it tomorrow.

Acnologia said:

I will acknowledge you as my enemy and destroy you.

Mard Geer said:

I particularly dislike this emotion you call ANGER. It makes me lose sight of myself, you know. Just thinking of what happens to me if I'm not MYSELF. Disgusts me to no end.

'Goodbye' is the word that I've come to hate the most.

Sora said:

An idiot that knows he's an idiot, is even harder to deal with than an idiot that thinks he isn't.

Tatsumi said:

The reason doesn't matter. As long as tiny bit of hope exists, that's all that matters.

Even if I can't see. Even if I can't hear. I have light inside me. The path I walked with my friends, is bringing light to my future. I don't fear anything! This isn't even worthy of being called pain! The worst pain is.. The pain of losing your light.

Sora said:

One of the things Blank loves best is saying 'No' to people who think they've got an absolute advantage.

Even if the world doesn't accept you, I'll always be right by your side!