The Underdog
Fake tears can harm others, while a fake smile only harms oneself.

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11 quotes submitted by emermendoza10

If you don't hold any regret in your choice, that means you must've made the right decision.

A good love will make a person mature.

unknown said:

Even though I'm bitter over losing, even though I'm depressed, even though my ankle hurts, and my eyes are smeared with tears... Even though I've never felt this worse.. I wonder why the stars are sparkling like this.

I've always made you worry so much about me so I wish you'd let me worry about you once in a while. I might be a flaky kid brother but I'm gonna try hard. I'm gonna try hard. So... I want the happy Tsubaki to watch me because it would be too lame to ride on your shoulders forever.

Maybe there's only a dark road up ahead but you still have to believe and keep going.

Being the best decoy ever is as cool as being the ace.

I said I'd be the one that defeats you! So don't lose to anyone else before that!

We'll never win if we don't believe we can.

I'm the ace, but you guys are heroes.

All of you, keep your eyes forward because you have me guarding your back.