The pain you left is nothing to me... Stomach feels your pain with unwritten hope and torn dreams all around...

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L Lawliet said:

Then let me ask you, do gods of death love apples?

Orochimaru said:

There probably isn't any meaning in life. Perhaps you can find something interesting to do while you are alive. Like how you found that flower. Like how I found you.

*To Kuchiki Rukia* Are you any different!? You sacrificed yourself to save me that time!! At that time were you thinking about complicated stuff like "this is my Shinigami duty"!? That's not what sacrificing yourself is! At the very least... I'm different! I haven't accepted any commitment. If things get bad I might run away... since I'm not a good enough person to be able to sacrifice my life for total strangers. But unfortunately I'm also not trash that can live happily without paying back his debts!

Hinata... this is the unalterable difference in strength... the distinction that separates the elite from the failure. This is the unchangeable reality. From the moment you said you wouldn't run, your defeat was inevitable. The only possible outcome was your present despair... Withdraw!

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