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"A World fill with dreams is meant to be made! But that dream people Hope so much can drown in a split second.

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22 quotes submitted by darkangle23

You don't die for your friend you live for them.

If i must kill than i will kill, only to bring justice in this rotten world.

Gon Freecs said:

am going to be hunter and find my dad

My friends is the only thing i protecting the one i care the most, having powers don't mean you can better, the only way to be better is to push yourself to the max, and protecting the one you love the most

In a lonely world fill with pain, the ninja ways is fill with lie and pain, why out of all people but me, do i even deserve to live

even if i get killed my pain will be washed away cause you save from this cold and darkness place, so i must returned the favor

pure blood vampire can turn humans into a vampire but why do we need to suffer for their needs. our own existences can be destroyed by just looking the wrong way.

Pain said:

pain is the suffer of your existences, drown in your own accustomed because you don't how this world works in such pain

The world is a need a change, rid of all the unworthy people who does't deserve to live. i be a god of the new world order.

virtual word is just like the real world the feeling we have, could never be unmatched to whats ahead of us. feel like a dream we live

There one thing i don't understand why do we have to live in false lie where vampire and humans can coexist with each other, it disgust me to even think about it. suffer and for what i been living in hell for all my life. guess thats how my fate gonna be

Pain said:

Loves turns to pain, pain turns into fears, so why don't humans understand that? if there was such word of happiness where would we be.

Alucard said:

we are the vampire of the immortals we are the gods that roams around the world. i have none fears to this humans that despise us it disgust me from the bottom

unknown said:

vampire are the blood sucking monster, but we are also the immortals of this world. we are the gods of this world

Broly said:

Humans Are So commons. think they can control with such power, humans are powerless blind to their true nature. i am the most strongest saiyan in the world am a legend among them.

Sai said:

emotions is noting to me , see i have no feelings of such world i hope you understand that. lonely in this world hurts me the most!!!! why?

Pain said:

Alone in such world, where people live a life of nothing but happy ending, where the pain in such heart humans fail to understand without pain how can you expect to get stronger.

Pain said:

All I Known was pain, it consumed me hatred runs down on my blood. how pity you wouldn't understand it.

Pain said:

IF only you saw your self, with such rage maybe i understand what your pain really is.....

Pain said:


Pain said:

How Could pain hurt if you never really experience. thats what pain really is

Pain said:

Pain is something we will always endure. just remember pain is always their in you heart