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..what an unchallenging life it would be if we always got things right on the first go.”

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128 quotes submitted by cookiefood

That experience brought me to my senses; there is no Grand Redeemer in this world. No matter how hard I pray, no one will stretch out their hand to help me. That's why... there's only one way to continue living. Find all those out there weaker than you and exploit them for all they are worth! That is our cruel reality!

Leronira said:

The other players are throwing all the blame on him. But when it's their turn, you'll see. They'll all take the easy way out.

Nearco said:

But humans are cowards by nature. They cannot overcome their desire to protect themselves, let alone their greed.

I believe that the Liar Game... is all about conquering that desire within you to lie and succumb to your greed. It's a game that tests whether or not you can remain an honest and upright individual.

When you grow up, make sure you live your life honestly. Even if it might seem like a good idea at the time, cheating people will only make them want to retaliate. But if you live an honest and straight-forward life, you will be sure to find happiness!

If we can't trust each other, then we're as good as strangers.

I believe that there's not a single person whose heart is evil.

People who are still tormented by their consciences are still worth saving.

That's people for you. Trusting one another, helping one another- it's all a fantasy. Humans are creatures that will always betray.

unknown said:

Putting his own safety ahead of anything else, he's nothing but a pure coward.

You see, I really hate the word "responsibility" saying something or doing something "it's your responsibility" "take responsibility" making a "selection" always comes with "responsibility." That's why I abandoned "selection" therefore, I don't have to bear any responsibility anymore.

In some ways, the more one thinks, the closer one feels to getting the answer...but in the end, it's hard to tell what is really the safe answer. I started to dislike being like that at one point, and my motto is, "make quick decisions and act fast." I choose the first answer that feels "right" to me.

Blue Owl said:

A true hero is a sage with a clean heart, a fake hero is a fool with an ignoble heart. The sage will be saved and the fool will be punished.

Kai said:

If all life is so important, then the most evil of all beings on this earth are without a doubt humans. If there weren't any people on earth, the environment and conditions that all living things live in would be drastically better. Even if there were no school to teach us the stuff we know, it would still be obvious to everyone, wouldn't it? Just think of all that's happened to the earth due to our desires and ego.

Blue Owl said:

There's no master who deliberately lets his birds escape from his birdcage

Kai said:

How can you work so hard? There might be something really bad waiting for you ahead. How can you still make yourself move on despite that? The older we get...the number of annoying and troublesome things we have to face only increases- and wonderful things stop happening. In the days ahead of us... we have to bear each painful thing one at a time, conquering them...overcoming them...the power to do that just doesn't spring out of me. The power to move ahead.

Blue Owl said:

"Selection" is important. Even in life. Living, dying, killing are all the results from your selection. Bad luck? Poor fortune? Poor judges of character? You're wrong. It's a selection error for not thinking thoroughly and choosing the answer without proper consideration.

I believe that people have the individual right to decide how they want to live. So whether you just listen to what others say, or get stuck a lot of times...and cause trouble to others, it ultimately comes back to yourself.

unknown said:

Everyone's doing it. they all gang up on the weak and keep bullying them. And what do you think they say when the person commits suicide? "To think a person would die because of this? What a wuss! It's their fault that they died." That's how it is! That's how this society works!

Tell me, if you have something more important than your life, and you have to give up your life to protect that, what would you do? In that case, isn't there only one answer? Give up your life.

Sei said:

Right now, we're all really only taking it day by day. Even if we can't get used to things, even if we can't win at something, even if we don't have any excess...In order to live day by day, we work, we fail, and we succeed. Sometimes we laugh. For the blessing before our very eyes, for our friends, we're thankful. Who knew that people could feel happiness just from living?

If you ask what life is to me, I'd answer endless days of homework and pain. Why you ask? The amount of homework, it's too much.

Adults say you shouldn't do things half-heartedly. But in reality, you can get by with doing just that. Of course, it would be great to stand out. But how many people can live like that? It's really hard to be exceptional.

What use is strength in modern society? You have to be smart.

Being an actress is about satisfying people's need for an escape to reality. When someone is affected by the movie or drama; whether it be happiness or sadness; it is a great honor for us.

Reika said:

How far can you kill? Things like ants, spiders, and other bugs, we can squish without much thought, right? But if it's a fish, we feel a little reluctant when killing it. We begin to feel pressures of taking a life. It gets worse if the fish is replaced by an amphibian, and even more so if the amphibian becomes a reptile. The pressure is worse if the reptile becomes a bird, and even worse when the bird becomes a mammal. The higher up the chain we move towards the more advanced creatures, the more we hate to kill them. And eventually we hit a hurdle too high to overcome. We're unable to kill anything beyond that point. I think the highest hurdle would be... people.

Ginjo Kugo said:

Time will try to constantly try to catch up with you. And with a roar, it will overcome you. Do not look ahead. Hope only lies within the unforeseeable current that will close in from behind.

If you ask anyone to name a universal rule that governs animals and humans alike, I bet you most people would answer "survival of the fittest". There are strong people and there are weak people. At a glance, it looks like the difference is pretty clear-cut. But the truth is, there's a lot more to it than just a simple battle of "strong" against "weak", of kill or be killed. You must understand what I'm talking about too, right? The true meaning of "survival of the fittest" isn't as simple as all that.

Sei said:

I... the society I was in- says that if you don't have anything you want to do, then you're no good. That if you don't have dreams, you're no good. If you don't win, you're no good. If you can't get a nice life... if you can't accumulate a lot... then you aren't happy, they said. And yet... and yet, mom... I... I just wanted you to say that I'm fine how I am. That's all.

It just so happens that I was caught in a web. A web known as malice. Whether you put up with it, or put up a fight, it makes no difference. In the end, you get killed. If you don't like that... risk your life... and retaliate.

unknown said:

Instead of "protecting something," you should focus more on, when people come together, they're all individuals and need to coexist with each other. It's being able to accept help...and helping each other out when one another is in need. The people in this world are concerned about all different kinds of things. Big things, little things. Simple things, important things. Humans really have lots of different things to be troubled about. All you need to do is slow down, take a look and listen for a bit...and then decide what you want to do. That isn't so bad, right?

Life is, this is something everyone knows. That's the problem. The fact that we are taught the lie of "everyone is equal". During your childhood, everyone thinks this way. Equal and fair...everyone has their own hopes in the same way, or so you're taught. Just... how cruel of a thing is that? As you mature, you gradually notice it. Physical strength, intelligence, station, money... in life, before you even start running, the winners have already been decided. But... but you know, as long as I kept going seriously, something good would happen to me too...or so I thought.

The right to take life, the amount if worth that makes one exalted, what should or should not be done... I don't know about any of that.

Searching for food in order to live, running, swimming, basking in sunlight, sleeping when tired, flying. They're all...just living in order to live.

The only thing I know now is- The power to do something I want, the power to attack people and fulfill desires and the strength and willpower to stop such things...I possess none of that.

Every one of us is naturally ensured the right to life. But at the same time, we also have a responsibility to live.

The queen of another kingdom was sitting by the window one day, sewing. But she pricked her finger and three drops of blood fell upon the snow. When she saw them, she made a wish: "Ah, I want to bear a child as white as this snow, as red as this blood, and as black as the ebony sill!" And before long, the queen gave birth to a little princess with lips as red as blood, hair as black as ebony, and skin as white as snow. They called her princess Blanche.

If you ask what is life to me, I'd answer endless days of homework and pain. Why you ask? The amount of homework. It's too much.

It is sometimes said that human beings sometimes demonstrate superhuman abilities in unforeseen circumstances. But the key word in all of this is "sometimes."

After all, most human beings are completely selfish. Eventually, they will meet their desires and try to help others. However, that isn't their only desire, they wish to stir people up. It is simplistically easier to do so anyway, they think it is a stupid ideal to show love to anyone but themselves.