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90 quotes submitted by constellium

In order to achieve something there are some things that you have to be unsatisfied with in the first place. Having a complex is the source to greatness.

Jae-ha said:

Having my fate decided for me from the time I was born goes against my view of beauty.

Is being silent and suppressing your own feelings really being thoughtful of the other person?

Femt said:

When I want to do something, I do it, regardless of the rest of the world. When I don't, I don't, and that's that.

Togame said:

By abandoning offense, even without winning, the result will be effectively victory.

You can't trust people who call themselves your friends after you've just met them. This is a trap. I know it. A friend who gets close to the protagonist like this is actually the boss, bullying them from the shadows, cornering them into utter despair. And then comes this line... "The truth is I've hated you from the moment I met you!"

Looking at your own memories is recognizing the parts of you that you don't want to face.

The end result is important. But what's truly important... is the journey to get there.

One who relies overly on a single skill will be brought low by that very same skill.

Ogami Rei said:

If you let yourself get depressed, you'd be making light of the people who trust and follow you.

There's nothing more satisfying than conquering all types of girls.

Love is when it isn't fun to be with that person. It's when nothing goes the way you want. When you're not having fun... and yet you still want to be with that person.

Ogami Rei said:

I hate objects. Even when people die, objects remain. That's why I like to clean them up first.

Tomoe said:

Humans are very weak; they break easily. If they are broken, that means that everything is over.

There's a much greater sense of achievement in obtaining your goals via legitimate means.

As a matter of fact, you're not the only one who's frustrated and bitter all the time ( Wolfull Moon - Fenrir )

Not involving yourself with others because you were always on your own. A reasoning like that is foolish. ( Wolfull moon - Fenrir )

unknown said:

Heroes are always late, monsters always get the intiative. They appear with no rhyme or reason. (Garou)

The popular will win, the hated will lose, it's such a tragedy.

Saitama said:

In other words, you gotta train like hell to the point where your hair falls out. That's the only way to become strong.

When the first night came, I'm sure humans were surprised. But, they learned that the day and night were events that keep repeating. And thus, they were able to sleep in peace. For teens, this is a period where this is a thing that will happen numerous times. You might feel like the darkness continues forever, because it's a sign of insecurity. Some people would try to turn back on their road before even waiting for the morning sun to appear. But it'll be fine. Right now, you're just at your first night. That itself is a privilege only for people who are courageous enough to expand their world. (Manga: Ichibanboshi Kirari. Person: Oka)

Hak Son said:

Your goal is too small. If you're reaching for something, go for the heavens!

Me? A liar? That's almost hurtful. I just don't feel like telling the whole truth.

Everyone dies eventually, whether they have power or not. That's why you need to think about what you'll accomplish while you're alive.

unknown said:

I think choosing not to use a means you have available is incredibly brave in itself. (Benjamin Macbeth)

If I could just move ahead as I pleased, I'd already be doing it.

Don't talk so big when you've never earned anything on your own

I want to seek out the path that no one around me thinks exists

No matter how effective it is, pretending would hurt those we are closest to

Someone, somewhere, once said that your intellect was decided from the moment you were born. That was a blatant lie. (Atashi No Banbi)

The scary thing is not being needed by anyone (Monochrome Shounen Shoujo - Iori)

Among the things in this world, the ugliest thing can actually be something you love the most and hold dear (Momoiro Heaven, Mazumi)

Eri Ochiai said:

How do you know that the person you were one second ago, is the same person that you are right now?

Peppo said:

If people could become friends simply by sharing bread and salt, life would be simpler.

To be afraid of losing something... You could call that a kind of love too

The thing about feelings is... If you just think about them, they won't reach the other person.

Moral said:

If providing people with what they desire is a sin, then all mothers are sinners, and the world is bereft of love.

Murasaki said:

Sometimes, I just think... this world has surpassed its capacity. It's overflowing. Our day-to-day lives are replete with both happiness and misfortune. Yet, because we cannot see the excess from the inside, we still feel unfulfilled. Given that we are capable of acknowledging neither excess nor deprivation, we might as well not exist. In other words... you can't withdraw coins from an ATM. That's common sense.

Moral said:

The weak can never break out of their own mold. They cry piteously within their cells, while they try to kick down anyone who strives to break free.

Murasaki said:

You chose to go with the flow and you think that doesn't make you guilty?