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No problem, it's nice to meet you.

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The weft and weave of fate guides the hunters to their prey
From the bush the Lamb will wait, while Wolf begins to play.
“Can you hear me?” says the Wolf, within his target's ear.
Nothing satisfies his hunger quite like fresh cooked fear.

The Lamb appears so swiftly, “Dear Wolf, let her be."
“I understand your hunger, but she belongs to me.”
Lamb brought forth an arrow and raised it to her head.
“Today your life no more shall be, welcome to the dead.”

The masks showed no pity as the arrow took its course,
Simple and unchanging was death without remorse.
Wolf looked at the Lamb with an unrepentant grin,
Their souls are one, a Kindred; the hunt again begins.


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Trust me I don't think that hard and I meant no offence. I'm just not much of a conversationalist and thought you were trying initiate, but if you say you were just talking to yourself then that's what you were doing.

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I'm unsure of what you're trying to convey.

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yeah gotta mix it up now and then.

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yeah it's one of my favorite slice of life anime. Mainly because I could relate to mei's pride in being a loner. It was also nice that Yamato was extroverted but not overly extroverted if that makes sense.

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now I have the ending to the anime on my mp3 for whenever I need to feel something bittersweet. The emotion in the finale of the show was incredible.

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You weren't kidding about K huh? I CRIED FOR A SOLID TEN MINIUTES!

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I'd hardly call it bugging, it's kind of refreshing actually.

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I'm glad you liked it. I take it juuzou is your personal favorite?

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my pardon. I did not intend to ignore i'm just very bad at conversation you see, that and I missed the notification so for that I am sorry. Although I must say it's nice to see how much of an interest you've taken in talking to me it's so very kind of you.

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I hope you enjoy it. You'll have to tell me what you thought of it once you've finished.

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Side note: I have nothing against tsunderes\yanderes as long as that isn't all the character is comprised of.

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for manga i'd have to say hellsing although i'm not a huge manga person (purely due to wanting to buy the manga rather then read online).

As for visual novels anything that isn't really an a popular archetype (EX. Date a tsundere, harem,"plot",etc) anyway I have no particular favorite.

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Out of curiosity, what's your favorite anime?

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Yes, it's such a beautiful story with complex characters

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Something meaningless

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huh, interesting

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My thanks

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I don't mind the wait, I was wondering if you have the ability to wipe the comments from my profile they're incredibly... shoddy

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i'm terribly sorry but I was wondering if you could help me?

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sorry to bother, I wonder if you can help me?