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2 quotes submitted by clabouter
Madera said:

There's some skill involved in the creation of anything. That skill is like a map made of the failures people have made in the past and learned from. That map can guide people. If you follow a certain route you'll fail. However, if you follow a different route you'll succeed. You can make something just by following the map. It will take form. It might be very hard task to walk the way others have told you. But if you have the will, it might turn out to be easy. But if you follow the path created by others, you'll eventually have to stop somewhere. Then what will you do? Will you create a new path for yourself? Or will you wait until someone creates one for you? Either one is fine. Stopping or moving forward. Because the path you'll follow is something you have to choose for yourself.

Akuto Sai said:

Living your life sympathizing with others in your everyday life is more powerful, than living your life based on a religious belief or some story.