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i like reading and drawing in my "free time"

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Posts by beautyruby
3 years ago
In: Unexpected Love

haha sorry. it wasn't meant to

3 years ago
In: Unexpected Love

no it's not

3 years ago
In: Unexpected Love

yes i am haha

3 years ago
In: Unexpected Love

Addison is just a normal girl who goes to school just like everybody else. She's bullied by five guys including the one and only harry styles.She's been called ugly,fat,you name it she's heard it all. Addison at first didn't believe them but with time,she started to believe what they sad. She sometimes starved herself b/c she believed she was fat and started cutting herself. She believed she was worthless b/c the insults came from so many people including her own father. After her mom's death, her dad started blaming her for her mom's death and started abusing her physically and mentally. She...