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Posts by bassylock
9 years ago
In: so hi.

It's blissful, yet terrifying. You try to escape but, you're ultimately too lazy to. .-. so yeah. And wee. I still need to learn more thingies. Thank you for the warm welcome :-)

9 years ago
In: so hi.

Ishimaru <-- did I work this thingy right? oh. Heh. Thanks. I don't mind you rambling on. Rambling is good for you. I feel pretty stupid, I spent over an hour trying to figure everything out and I still fail(ed). Oh well. Thank you muches for the welcome c: Oh yes. The legends are quite true. I've spent many years searching for this race. After travelling the whole galaxy, I found them. I seem to have adapted to one of their kind. It's not fun. I suggest you never go looking. Anywho, thanks again ^-^ :-)

9 years ago
In: so hi.

Hellur there. idk how often i will be using this website. i am super interested now, and i hope i'll continue to be. just to let you know a little bit about me. i like internet,food,cats, cute clothing i would never wear,cuddling, anime,manga,foreign schutff,netflix,and a lot. i will usually type like this, or I will type like this.( more fully and I dunno proper? I type like this most often because finger motions, layouts, and what I am used to.) i will link you to my tumblr because why not. you'll probably get the most valid information about me on there. i am...