I'm too lazy to write myself an introduction!

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[-]Yukipippo3 years ago

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Wattpad is a community, the more the merrier :)
[-]Yukipippo3 years ago

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I found you on wattpad :)
My username is Yukipippo
[-]Yukipippo4 years ago

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Thanks for the friend request, but sorry I am not allowed to accept any.
[-]Yukipippo4 years ago

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Thank you for the friend request. But sorry I can't accept it. I am not allowed yet.
[-]Yukipippo4 years ago

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Am I, lol yeah maybe:P
But the thing is I am not allowed to talk or accept friend requests and stuff like that, at least not until I am a little older. So even if people comment on my profile I am not allowed to comment back. Sorry about that:(