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14 quotes submitted by YerinKim

Don't go believing everyone with glasses is smart!

If we understood how other people felt, then nobody would ever start wars!

The final curtain falls at the very moment a person gives up.

When 'colors' mix, they become muddy and messy. But when they all blend together, the final result is the color that wins against all others... Black.

Chiyuki said:

People aren't as complex as you think they are. They're simple, and they get sad or angry over simple things. That's how they are. They're quickly affected by the most insignificant of things, and live without knowing where they're going to fall down. That's who people are!

Is there any purpose to wings that can't fly?

There is nothing less amusing than destroying those who have no will to live.

Father yearned for "yesterday". You yearn for "today". I yearn for "tomorrow".

If you believe in it, it is real. If you do not - it is fiction.

I've only just started to understand it myself. That by depending on others, and letting them depend on you, people can exceed what they can do as individuals.

Good and bad are human concepts, so something that is not human cannot be classified as neither good nor bad.

When I tell you to leave, leave. In this world, winning is everything. Winners are affirmed completely, and losers are denied completely. I've never lost at anything before, and I never will. Because I always win, and I'm always right. I show no mercy to those who oppose me, not even my own parents.

The trick of real combat is that everyone is human.