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The brighter they shine, the darker the shadow grows.

If reality is nothing more than what is in our mind, then what is the difference between this world and a dream?

Jiro said:

Life is like a playground swing, the higher and farther forward you go as you swing, it carries the risk of falling just as far back.

It's a nice thought to believe in a "next time". If it was a real battlefield, there wouldn't be a "next time".

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[-]Less-Real9 years ago

Less-Real's Avatar
Greetings Saint. You seem to have a gift for finding good quotes xD Would you consider joining the crew of Less-Real, for starters, just to approve quotes other people submitted? If not, still thanks for the quote contributions!
[-]Swordsaint9 years ago

Swordsaint's Avatar
I would be happy to help
[-]Ishimaru8 years ago

Ishimaru's Avatar
Forgive my friend, his memory isn't what it used to be anymore. Do you have skype, Mr.Swordsaint?
[-]Swordsaint8 years ago

Swordsaint's Avatar
Yes I do
[+]Ishimaru8 years ago

[+]Swordsaint8 years ago

[-]Ishimaru9 years ago

Ishimaru's Avatar
Hello Mr.Sword. I have a request for you, if you would be kind enough to drop a link to any image of Yura sensei from Koigokoro Senpukuchuu. At the moment, I don't even know what he/she looks like, ha. So just knowing that, would suffice. Uncle Google didn't help either.
[-]Swordsaint9 years ago

Swordsaint's Avatar
lh4.ggpht.com/IoEHCFI8hCQ_qw2lqg ncbJQineUBwg_-ZxG0U0Lm-piZpV2Ro6-tZ9wogn zHsSUkVoHE8g=s102 I couldn't find any better picture, sorry.
[-]Swordsaint9 years ago

Swordsaint's Avatar
Oh now the link doesn't work anymore