I'm too lazy to write myself an introduction!

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Ermm I'm yukihira Souma, trut to be told, i only think of this academy as a stepping stones. I got admitted here unexepectedly, but i don't plan to lose some bunch that has never stood in front of clients. I'll take the top.

unknown said:

Ladies and gentlemen congratulations on entering the high school section! On your three years in the middle school section you've deepened your knowledge about the basics of food preparing and its ingredient. You've ha classes with cooking drills where you actually cooked all sorts of lectures about cooking theory, nutrition, sanitation, agriculture, management and now you're standing at the entrance to high school section but what will be tested now isn't your knowledge, it's if you have guts to live as a chef. 99% of you are sacrificial stones in order to polish the remaining 1% germs.