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Don't Give Up On Life Just Because You Got Rejected By The Person You Hold Dear To Your Heart, Always Welcome The Sun With A Smile On Your Face

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6 quotes submitted by ReikoYui

If You Can't Carry The Burden In Your Heart Anymore Let Me Carry The Half Of It For You, And I Shall Never Give Up On You Until Everything Is Gone And You Can Smile Again Without Worries In The World

Mato Kuroi said:

Love is a bitter sweet taste of life, which many humans many weaknesses and sometimes their strongest weapon.

Broken Dreams of people, Ending up taking their life and taking a form of an illusion that infects the worlds life source, Why does one hold a dream that he or she knows is just a lie and letting it consumes their judgement...there are boarders in life where you should stop and think what's best, Before i get close to you and steal everything from you.

You might be able to do it if you try. But if you don't try. You definitely can't

Kirakishou said:

My heart is a cold cage where lies a person far more than my self, with an eye that can see the truth but reflects nothing, a cold stare from a distant person that use to know how to smile.

The world is a big cradle of lies where people lay their heads on pretending nothing is wrong. A cycle where mortals dwells upon to...for a cursed one like me happily watch them from darkness savoring each moment a human dies due to their ignorance...