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Pick up your phone, I need an answer. Come home and call off disaster.

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12 quotes submitted by PringMay
Yona said:

Before I question the gods, there are questions I must ask myself!

Hak Son said:

A world without weaponry and war, where no one gets hurt, is but a pipe dream.

Kikyo said:

Nothing can resolve one's determination of exacting vengeance the way bitterness can.

unknown said:

If you have money, everybody treats you well.

unknown said:

All's well that's well for me!

The journey's no fun if you know where you're going.

Guts have nothing to do with being able to associate with someone or not.

If you don't have any inspiration left, you're as good as dead.

Battle is a living thing. No matter what happens, you have to respond and cope with it.

Shun Izuki said:

Does math bring out your wrath?

Why won't human emotions, not even my own, work out the way we want?

Yato said:

Gods don't poop.