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250 quotes submitted by Osamu

Yes, we have no destiny. Only those swallowed up by ignorance and fear who take false steps, shall plunge us into the waters called “destiny”.

That’s just the way it is. Change is inevitable. Instead of resisting it, you’re better served simple going with the flow.

Remember that a sword held by someone who is about to die… will never be able to protect anything.

Do not live bowing down. You must die standing up.

Are you afraid? You don’t want to die, do you? Not just Abarai, if anyone… acts upon the thought of not wanting you to die, you will suddenly begin to fear your impending death, right?

Don’t hesitate to cut the enemy. Don’t falter to finish them off. Much less heal their wounds. That’s unspeakable, nino. Leave the chocolate here. Become a demon, nino. As strong as a demon. As wicked as a demon. You have to learn that the only way to stand up against ruthlessness, is to become ruthless yourself.

You are fighting out of obligation, not out of hatred. You will never reach me like that. Battle without hatred is like a bird without wings. You’ll never defeat anyone like that. You powerless friends are just weights that will break your legs.

unknown said:

Everyone… has something that acts as their security blanket… or makes them break out in a cold sweat…When an individual is in a state of calm or peace… and asked why they are in such spirits, they often can’t pinpoint or identify their reasons… But when that same individual is I a state of fear, even the most mentally inept can give you… a laundry list of reasons… It’s dark, cold, steep, confined, painful, filthy… At the most fundamental level, a state of peace is associated with life while the state of fear is closely associated with death. So even if someone can’t articulate their reasons for wanting to live, they will wax poetic about why they fear death… This not only applies to those things that have a soul, but all living things by their very nature exist to avoid death and, as such, can’t help but fear… As long as you breathe… You will spend your life trying to run from fear… You gain strength in order to run from fear… And you grow old with the hope of running from fear… So you see, you can’t incapacitate fear because it is the very essence of life.

unknown said:

It might sound as if I’m belittling him, but you can’t really do anything in this world just by daydreaming. But, when I saw him do the impossible just by daydreaming… I realized that the ones that can’t do anything are the ones living the most peacefully.

unknown said:

Today they cross swords—So that they can live to cross swords again tomorrow

unknown said:

The rotator. It’s rotating. If they say destiny is gears, we are the reason for turning it. Believing it doesn’t connect, we go forth. Beyond the power of the matching gears.

unknown said:

It’s rotating. The sand. Rotating. Every time the Sun and the Moon touch each other, constantly changing its appearance to something new. If there’s something that doesn’t change, is my impotence. I can see spirits, I can touch them, I can speak with them, that’s all. They usually disappear like this. I don’t know why they do so, but sometimes something remains there. A blood stain that I’m able to see, and an emotion similar to pain. Even though I can see them, I can’t protect them. It’s rotating. If destiny is made of gears and we are the sand in between that is torn apart, there’s nothing left to do but being powerless. I just want power. If I can’t protect by just extending my hand, I want a blade so I can reach in front of her. The power to crush destiny. Looks like a blade that is swung down.

unknown said:

We are connected through a mass network in the world. We’re like patients in special care section of the hospital. We try not to let any one of the lines get broken. But no matter how hard we try one of the lines will break. It’s difficult to reconnect the severed connections. We’re not able to do that yet.

The feelings of those below should not be considered by the one who stands on top, even if the one on top understands those feelings. You can do whatever you like. Then if no one follows you, it means you’re just not qualified

One must cut dead weight… I don’t have the time to fixate on something that won’t be returning anytime soon… Press forward with no regrets… Press… forward…

Aizen. You said a sword without anger is like an eagle without wings. You said a sword swung out of duty could never reach you. But you don’t seem to understand, so I guess I’ll tell you. Swinging a sword out of duty alone is what a captain must do. Swinging a sword out of hatred is nothing but violence. A captain can’t call that a fight. Aizen… You were not fit to be a captain.

It’s pointless to just fight… It’s pointless to just live… I want to win…! I want to win!!

I was just thinking… How peaceful and serene it was… The thing is... The fact that we’re here in Hueco Mundo of our own free will… Saving Arrancars… Doing what we can to help the Shinigami… It just… makes me feel good inside… I wish… this could go on forever… Always… helping each other out… Protecting each other’s worlds… Forever… With no war ever breaking out…

unknown said:

With people dying, it’s meaningless to think who is right and who is wrong. What you have to think about is, how to keep such a thing from happening again. That’s all. No matter if a person is a human or Shinigami, it’s hard for me to look at sad faces.

Whether you can see them or not, as long as you don’t believe, it’s the same as them not existing

Is dignity what you speak of? If that is the case… then let us talk Gotei… you can’t save the world with dignity alone. To defeat evil with evil… I can think of worse things…

Don’t be so stuck-up. Just enjoy this! Killing and being killed. They are just a way to pass time.

Whether I like him, whether I hate him, it’s just… all so troublesome. Love, companionship, and friendship… It’s nothing but trouble. When the time comes when I have to leave… I have to cut myself off from them all. Love, companionship, and… friendship… Really… It’s really… It’s troublesome. Nothing but a saddening emotion. All Shinigami… shouldn’t have these unnecessary feelings! What kind of disgraceful behavior is this…?! Kuchiki Rukia…! Am I… getting too attached to this world?

The most important thing for a soldier to have is not strength, but a fear of battle. When you fear battle, you are able to take up your sword. For others who ae also afraid. He who does not fear his own sword is not worthy to hold it. Hisagi, if you truly fear battle with all your heart… then as a soldier, you already have something irreplaceable.

Don’t ask anything. Don’t say anything. You have no rights to anything. The only thing that you’re grasping in your hand is the throats of your comrades that rest on the guillotine of the string you hold. That’s all. Understand this, woman. This isn’t a negotiation. It’s an order.

A strong will is stronger than steel. If your determination is anything less than whole-hearted, throw it away

unknown said:

A strong will is stronger than steel. If your determination is anything less than whole-hearted, throw it away.

unknown said:

Look, the azure sky that crushes us licks up our spines.

unknown said:

One’s pride cast aside, we beasts take a step closer, one heart killed, we beasts will fade away.

unknown said:

Lighting fire on the untouchable fang… Like solving a problem without looking up to the stars… Like there’s no need to yell until the voice is gone.

unknown said:

We stretch out both of our arms… Pass through the clouds, straight to the sky… Even though we touched the Moon and the Mars… We still can’t touch the truth.

unknown said:

Because we are amorphous we hold that in reverence.

It means that you can’t weigh the life of one person against the fate of the world.

I’m crazy? You’re the one who’s crazy!!! You’re so strong!! Why don’t you like to fight?!! Enjoy it!! Enjoy the carnage! Enjoy the pain! They’re a small price to pay for the enjoyment of battle!!

They are more like “people who don’t follow rules…” There are different kinds of people in different worlds! … Between you two and them, what is the difference? It isn’t unusual… to put it to an extreme… A hero during a war would be just another murderer in peaceful times.

Jimbei said:

It is a sad truth that greater the authority a person possesses, the more he tends to fear change.

If it makes your heart race, that’s an adventure all right!

It’s worse to be alone than to be hurt!!!

There’s something wrong with all of you…!! While that woman… While she was turning your friends to stone… how could you all sit there laughing like idiots!!?

(Lucci: You’re hacking away your life) It’s better than losing something in front of my eyes!!! I’ll do anything I can!!!