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1 year ago
In: I am wondering if it's okay

Hi, Thank you so much, this helps me a lot, now I do not have to send a request to this page, although are you updating this Excel? However, processing such data will be a long time. Thanks again, when I upload it to GitHub I am going to reference your repo as a source for the data.

1 year ago
In: I am wondering if it's okay

Hi guys. I am new here, just found this site via Madara's quote (:D). Before I take you to the main topic, I would like to appreciate all the work that had been submitted here and keep up this amazing habit. I am a first-year computer science student in Hungary, and working on hobby projects to build up my repo. Mostly playing around with JS backend stuff, but I am making a small web app for my friend with Vue. I have already sent a letter to the site owners (?), by contacting them with the Contact Us form, but I have not received any answer yet. So this is the main reason why I am writing...