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12 quotes submitted by Lucifer

Even the most noble of the sacrifices is based on "self satisfaction". Jesus Christ himself was crucified for the sake of his people for "self satisfaction". That's why you shouldn't expect anything in return when you help someone. Because the moment you expect something, your act would become worthless.

Deerhound said:

It doesn't matter what you achieve in life. It's how you live that really matters. Countless men have lost their lives in war without fulfilling their life's ambitions. Shiba stood by his convictions, no matter how lonely he got. So I think that in the end, he must've been happier than anyone.

Whether you walk or run, the destination won't change. So then... You might as well run there!!!

There is no match that you know that "you can't win". Even if a match like that exists, the thing that decides the defeat is your heart. That makes you think you've "lost".

Yoshitsune said:

Then I ask you, what do you define as the beginning of the sky? At one hundred meter or even one thousand meters, it isn't much different from right here. The sole difference is the air density and water concentration. So, this is where sky begins. Anything above the earth belongs to the domain of sky.

You want to kill me? You couldn't even kill my boredom!

I realized that back then, the reason I wanted to become human, was that I really just wanted to have friends. Now, I just want to be a monster that can help Luffy.

You sure can talk the talk, but you're not quite ready to walk the walk. Time's up, it's my turn.

If something has a strong core, it won't break. That's true for both - swords and people.

Are we friends? Or are we foes? That kind of thing you decide for yourselves!

Transfer students, no mater what world or time they're in - exist to be stared at.

You can't keep something without fighting for it.