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5 quotes submitted by Kiyonaga

Let’s say I posed this question to you: “Can all human souls be bought with money or not?” Now remember, the keyword here is “all”. The answer is “There are times when you can buy them, and other times, not,” right? The human being… sometimes he’ll uphold his pride and conscience even if he’s offered ten billion yen, and other times he’ll murder someone over one yen.

There's no need to pretend to be cool. Let's show our lame sides. That's who we really are, after all.

Every society places the world in order, by the concept of opposites: inside and outside, religious and secular, celestial and worldly. The opposing concepts organize the world as it is today, but none of those can be distinctly separated. There is always a grey area where it is ambiguous.

A guy with only a cat for a friend won't look attractive by playing cool.

No matter what bonds you forge with others, time will tear them apart. Well... Doesn't thinking about it make you sick?