INFP/INTP it's weird think Niv Mizzet if you've ever played magic the gathering. Bipolar and high functioning autism. I love making people laugh. I'm difficult to get to know but once I know you and we get along most likely we're going to be friends for life.

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Posts by Kijimo
5 years ago
In: Alcoholic Anonymous

Yes, it's rough but I'm still wrestling with the situation but I'm sure I'll be OK. Just have to deal with court issues now which is annoying. I don't care if charges are still pressed I just want him out of my life for good.

5 years ago
In: Alcoholic Anonymous

I shouldn't of put that up in this site really. My apologies, and yes.

5 years ago
In: Otakus Unite! I LIKE COOKIES!!! XD

Hey I'm Ninja Kijimo! Favorite cookie: Chocolate chip. Favorite color: One of the colors the human mind can't comprehend Favorite anime: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Favorite anime character: Izaya Orihara Chocolate or Vanilla: BOTH!!!

5 years ago
In: Why am I doing this?

Hey! It's me I like anime, video games, and learning new things. What's something new you've learned today? Anything interesting like hanging with my friends is cool. My favorite foods are sherbert pizza and carrots.