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69 quotes submitted by Kathy

I’ll use my flames for a better purpose!

"Regret". This is the weakness and pitifulness of you in the past. What you did, and what you didn't do. You will regret.

When you love someone, I think it's only natural to worry about what they love.

There was no meaning to things that were only superficial. That was a single belief that both me and her once shared.

When you fight hard and fail, the regret is easier to get past than the regret of not trying.

Everyone is a slave to their past. No matter how much you wish to move forward, the events of last year will bear down on you like the light of the stars as soon as you glance up. Unable to laugh or to banish your past, you carry it ceaselessly in a corner of your heart, waiting for it to resurrect at an inopportune moment.

How can you be so smart and yet not understand something simple?

I'm always alone. Other people don't factor into what I do. The things that happen in front of me are parts of my life and my life alone.

Jibril said:

I don’t see how you can blame me if I accidentally let you all die

You people incurred my wrath… that’s reason enough for you to meet your demise

You only get one life. There’s no need to choose an impossible path. It’s fine to live as you like and die as you like, however.. protecting a precious person.. You must not forget this no matter what path you choose.

Gaara said:

You have someone in your life whom you honor and revere so much that every hurt on them is inflicted on you as well. Ad the closer they are to you, the greater the pain.

The present will always be different from the past. That's what makes life good and at the same time sad. That sadness in turn gives our everyday life some flavor. Just like coffee.

Youth is fleeting. Young people can't even wait for a spoonful of sugar to dissolve and bitter regret is proof of that. But by bit, you get a taste for it.

Sometimes I want to write "I miss you" on a rock and then throw it into your face so that you will know how much it hurts missing you.

Irimi Kaya said:

I know I haven't always made the right decisions up to now... Whether I was right, or whether I was wrong, may not even matter in the first place. However, running up against my sins like this-- all of the choices I've made up to this point-- today, being able to die for someone-- is something I'm glad for...

It's not just allies who support each other. From your enemies, you learn so much and gain so much. Until the day you meet again... Just knowing they exist helps you to withstand the loneliness. Those who compete, even if they're enemies, help each other out.

They come without asking, and then they leave just the same. But once you meet them, even if nobody ever knows it, that encounter will change your life for the better.

It is a poor knight indeed who slays one who defies him. The key is to show yourself to be superior that they will not defy you in the first place.

Cruhteo said:

When a dog soils the carpet, its master is responsible.

Shinku said:

This is what's inside your heart right now. A sky that has become this lovely, will not always remain sunny. There will be times when rain will fall and storms will carry on. The scenery will change, but if it is left alone, it will stay changed forever. For that, you must continue to fight, because that is to live. To live is to fight.

Rikuo Nura said:

Immersed in ecstasy from killing weak things... A burdensome corpse with no benefit to people. Someone like that... I can't possibly forgive!

Ame said:

Without what you call absolute power, we'll be able to live free and strong... That's why I have to end this. Humans often betray, fight and do terrible things to each other, but if I can feel this heat and this pain in my heart, a future where everyone will be kind to each other will definitely come some day. I can believe in it now!

The opposite of love isn't hate, it’s apathy.

Tet said:

In reality, the least interesting answer is usually the correct one.

The future isn’t written yet. There’s still time for things to change!

I hate waiting, but if waiting means being able to be with you I'll wait for as long as forever.

We’re always serious. We’re seriously joking around.

Kyon said:

I mean, think about it. If someone pointed to a classmate of yours and asked you what they meant to you, how would you answer? What would you say?

Jiraiya said:

Rejection is a part of any man’s life. If you can’t accept and move past rejection, or at least use it as writing material - you’re not a real man.

You know how they have parameters in games? Like, you're good at magic, but your combat skills blow, or you're a great fighter, but you lack in the brains department.

Tada Banri said:

Why do you still want to be my friend? Is it because you feel comfortable being with me? Because I understand your awkward and useless self, and yet still love you? Quit acting so spoiled. When you rejected me, you lost the right to want those things!

Su-won said:

Do you want to kill me? It's only natural that you do. But I cannot die right now. Because there is something I must do.

Mikage said:

I swear to God that when we die, we'll die together.

Isn't it arrogant to put a price on whether life is "higher" or "lower", Kaneki? We are just bags of meat. The weak bow down and the strong devour them. Rather, if you compared them to all living things, it's humans who have shaved away the most lives. We are different than them.

You don't need to blame yourself just because you've hurt someone, just like when you're walking you can't really blame yourself to crush some ants... that's what being stronger ones means.

Jae-ha said:

Taking away someone's freedom is the ugliest thing one can do in this world. People like that ought to decay into dirt and come back as thorny roses.

I'm not going to protect you by being your shield or armor, but I'll be the dagger hidden below your pillow.

Su-won said:

Kindness is not a crime. But sometimes it awakens the weakness and greed in others.

The world runs on power. Everything is determined by the superior power. You are weak. That is why you lose.