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Hey my Name is Jarrod but I go by Yuki. ^-^ If living means that I must bow down to you guys, I will happily stand tall and die! -Mugen

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Posts by Jarrod
3 years ago
In: Your favorite game?

I'd say Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. From the Elder Scrolls games. From Elder Scrolls I: Arena to Elder Scrools Online, Skyrim is my favorite too. Elder scrolls 1, thats amazing and old :)

3 years ago
In: Your favorite game?

I've tried that, the game of life; ...

3 years ago
In: Your favorite game?

We gamers sometimes have a lot of free time and we just love to finish heaps of games, plus they are heaps of fun so why not play heaps of games, who neads real life. Go Go Nippon ...

4 years ago
In: Your favorite game?

My Favourite Game is Destiny but I also love playing the Naruto Games