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Posts by ItsmeSeri
6 years ago
In: Chinese shounen mangas are Epics

Do you know Doupo Cangqiong and Panlong... They are light novels that has manwha version... They are totally epic stories for shounen... from their brat days to the epic days... It was portrayed their life in the story... I would like to read chinese manwhas nowadays...

6 years ago
In: I see some Korean and Chinese anime nowadays...

Ok... Looks like koreans and chinese are now making animes... Like Cupid Chocolate, which I enjoy so much... I know that korean like smut so much... So I hope they make those kinds in anime.. but maybe in another fucking decade... Chinese like making action shounen adventure like.. so I want to see the anime version of Panlong and Doupo Cangqiong... These are so fucking epic stories, I want to see them in anime!