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122 quotes submitted by Haroldian

There’s no reason to pretend to be cool. Let’s show our lame sides. That’s who we really are, after all.

Learning and copying are the same. Everyone starts out copying someone else. Every last person.

Togame said:

Of course, if you lose in fighting it'd be a problem, but it's also a problem if you lose in character

No one knows what the future holds in life. We must take that endless bit of darkness and turn it to our advantage.

As long is you still draw breathe, there is no way to escape having to bid others farewell. It doesn't matter if you're human or not...we all have to say good-bye.

When saying good-bye to this world, our great father split his blood into four: the eldest inherited only his sense of responsibility, the second eldest inherited only his easygoing personality, the youngest inherited only his innocence, and me, well, I inherited only his idiocy. What held us diverse brothers together was the love of our mother, deeper than the sea, and the farewell we bid our great father. Sometimes, one profound separation can unite the ones left behind.

Haven't you ever thought that life would be better if it was a game?

Dongtae said:

Game!? Is life a game to you?...Life is not a game!!

I wanted to tell you that… Wherever you may end up in this world, I will be searching for you.

Why does the scenery of a town that no longer exists wring my heart so?

If I suddenly showed up, would I bother him? Surprise him? There’s no way we could meet. But what if we did? What should I do? Would I annoy him? Would it be awkward? Or maybe… He’d be a bit glad to see me?

Once in a while when I wake up, I find myself crying. The dream I must’ve had, I can never seem to recall...But the sensation that I’ve lost something lingers for a long time after I wake up.

Treasure the experience. Dreams fade away after you wake up.

Your unconditional trust is more than I'm willing to bear.

Hotaru, do you think the day will come that I'll lose it (the ability to see spirits) as well? A one-sided visit and troublesome days...is that freedom? or...At that time, a small firefly (Hotaru) passed by and whispered something to me. But I could not understand the words of a bug. Farewell, Hotaru. I wonder if that person understood...just that person.

We probably are. I can't explain it very well, but it seems that lately it doesn't matter, human or spirit. If your hearts touch, it's the same thing. When you're all alone, you get lonely, and the first step is always scary.

When night comes, it feels like these hot, messy feelings are going to crush me.

Someone who's special in so many ways... can't understand how I feel, excelling at nothing and having nothing special. But it finally happened. When I heard my wife was pregnant, I finally...felt like, I, too had something that I could call special. Something that's irreplaceable to me...My family and my children are the most important thing I have. And I don't want to see anyone look down on that... When Anna decides that she really does want to have a family, I'll do everything I can for her. Even if it's before she gets married...even if it means she lives her life differently from everyone else.

This night, I did not take my medicine. And then I realized for the very first time-- Phantom limb pain is an unimaginable symptom. If I'm alone and doing nothing, the pain will continue increasing. But as long as there's someone with me, I don't know why, but the pain will miraculously mellow down.

One of the joys of taking pictures...is not knowing exactly what kind of photograph you're taking. But then you put it in some developing solution...and gradually, you'll be able to see the picture. Of course, you'll make mistakes too. But sometimes you come across something good...something better than you ever expected.

It's terrible isn't it? I guess parents are pig-headed when it comes to their own children. Even so, please don't say things like, "leave her alone." I don't want you or your mother to have any regrets.

I can say this now cause it's after the fact...but I was also opposed to a lot of things Youko did. Gradually time passed, and when I finally felt like trying to understand things from her point of view...she was already gone.

This kind of baseless strategy is little more than a lie. If there's a universal way to do things well... I'm the one who wants to know what it is. The lies that parents tell becomes the things that support their children. I finally began to realize that. Just because she's a child, doesn't mean her worries are any less than an adult's...And if I can see her with that expression...then I'll become as much of a liar as I have to be.

If you're asking me if I have any confidence in the life I've chosen... The answer is, I have absolutely none.

What's your idea if "happiness"? Graduate from college, then work at a company... Passing the years like that, then getting married and having a family? You think that if someone strays from the ordinary path, they'll be completely miserable... But I think you're wrong. I won't say it's not hard, but the only one who knows what will make someone happy is that person themselves... You're free to speculate as you will, but you'll regret it... Like I did. I don't think there's any right way for a person to live their life.

When you get older, you end up not being about to say the thing you want to... Probably because as you experience more things, you grow greedier in spite of yourself...and you become less considerate of other people's feelings.

Really, you two! This discussion you're having right now... Whose sake is it for? Although you are husband and wife, you are different people. You won't have the same opinion on everything. If all you do is argue without trying to understand each other, then you'll only hurt each other. Right now you're too close to each other, so you think you can see everything...but in reality, sometimes it's when you're closest that you can't understand anything.

Ian said:

If I had a human heart...I wonder what color it would glow right now.

Ian said:

She's a pain in my ass, that's what she is. She could be a total nag and a goody-goody sometimes...but I guess once you get to know her, you realize that...Maybe you do need a naggy goody-goody to put you in check...

Ian said:

She's a pain in my ass, that's what she is. She could be a total nag and a goody-goody sometimes...but I guess once you get to know her, you realize that...Maybe you do need a naggy goody-goody to put you in check.

Sometimes you tell an awful lie, or run away from something scary...and then later look back and realize that was actually precisely the right thing to do

It's because no one knows...it's because we know, and no one else does. It's like we're seeing and living in an entirely different world than them. But our world had already changed long before this. We should have realized that sooner.

Everyone knows that even though the are plenty of stars in the sky, sometimes one in particular is the only one that matters.

You see, there are many idiots in the real world who desperately try to look down on others. And it's absolutely thrilling to crush those people who look down on me with my own power...I think it's what I may live for.

Eliana said:

Death is a part of our lives...I might die today! So...I want to have all the fun I can while I'm still alive! It's better to die with a smile on your face than to die crying.

For people to accept each other, they need to meet each other head-on as they truly are, even if it means that they end up hurting each other a little bit.

Fear is a great tool for ensuring people's compliance.

Someone told me this: "Nothing is "forever" in human relationships". That might be true, but it sounds awfully lonely. But I realized today... If there really is no such thing as "forever"... Then having someone important is the happiest thing one can attain in life.

You are a blade, Ran...an unconsciously swinging blade. You wound anyone you touch. And the closer someone is to you, Ran, the deeper it cuts. Nevertheless, you are always holding on to the safe portion of the sword, the hilt. While at the same time, twisting the blade in us as you feign ignorance of what you're doing. Ignorance.... Insensitivity... These are the names that make you dangerous... That cloudiness and corruption you feel in your heart right now... You're not the only one who's experiencing it!

Yz said:

There are some days when I don't feel like waking up...and there are some people who make waking up feel like the best thing ever.