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214 quotes submitted by Guest

Clausewitz, he pointed out that no matter how carefully one plans, on the battlefield, even the smallest of details can cause setbacks. Regardless of how well-thought it is, armchair strategizing only works in the realm of theory. Unexpected troubles, or uncontrollable factors such as weather. Operations face those sorts of troubles. They are the cause of strife on the battlefield.

Pain said:

Because of the existence of love - sacrifice is born. As well as hate. Then one comprehends... one knows PAIN.

It's best to go up against strong guys, if you want to get stronger.

You should try persuasion when people are mentally defenseless. The fascist who proposed that was a demonic genius.

A world where everyone is equal and receives the same treatment. No such place exists. If there was a world of equality, where talent and aptitude didn’t matter, we would all be equally snubbed there.

DEATH is so unfair. It comes to those who don't need it. But not the people who are asking for it.

In this world, nobody is free. Even the flying birds are chained to the sky.

Even if you lose all memory in your head, the ones engraved in your heart and the ones that exist in your soul will never disappear, no matter what happens.

Losing something is sad. Even when I lose something as tiny as a worn-out eraser, I feel pretty down for a day or two. That's why I'm looking for him.

There are all sorts of mysteries in this world, like snacks and candy and sweets falling from the sky!

Zeref said:

If this world continues to reject me, then I shall reject the world.

For me, despair is not a goal, or a set of principles, or a lifestyle, or even an instinct... It's what defines me as Junko Enoshima! It's just my characterization! That's why I'm able to pursue despair with such purity!

Even if the questions change, it makes no difference to me.

Shalnark said:

But the big difference is who I work for. I'd rather die than be a yes-man to someone I don't even like.

That's right! Whatever the tragedy or the blunder is, only the things that actually happened are written in stone!

The weaker person is the more he gets hung up on other people's pain and then he self-destructs

That's ridiculous. People usually have a stereotypical idea, or an assumption like that and that's what creates a blind spot

Stand up! lift your faces! Take up your weapons! Look at that boy. He's so weak and fragile a breath could blow him away and he's unarmed! He is a powerless boy, whose defeat I have seen with my own eyes! He's weaker than anyone else here! Yet he's shouting louder than anyone that we can still do this so how can we sit down, with downcast gaze? If our weakest man has not given up how is kneeling in defeat acceptable for us? Did you come this far to wallow in shame?

I can't surpress my feeling anymore. When she gets confused, I will still her back. Yes I know I am selfish, I don't care.

Nobody thinks they're cuter than others unless they're conceited.

Makarov said:

There is great value in the time spent in ones own company, but a life time of total isolation is a fate no one should endure.

Nao Tomori said:

The scars that you can't see are the hardest to heal.

Trying to improve by learning from others that is what calls friendship.

Evil expects evil from others.

All Might said:

It's not bad to dream. But you also have to consider what's realistic.

This epidemic leads innocent people to their deaths, and yet it's pathogen will never be eradicated. This is a disease called serenity, a form of death that people have wished for.

Back then, if we could have have heard each other's voices, everything would have been so much better.

Uno said:

There's more to a real man than just his good looks!

I yearn for true gender equality. I have no patience for one who talks about female privilege when it suits them, and then complains about someone "not being a man" when it's convenient.

Enjoy your life today. Yesterday is gone, and the tomorrow might never come.

To realize a mistake. To not lie. To love one another. To not kill. Those are very simple things, but these times won't allow for them. There is no green on this planet, even though we want it... though we want it so badly. A place where we can live peaceful days with no wars nor stealing. A sacred place where people can live as people. Yes there, that place is called Paradise.

Success is harder than failure for many things in this world.

Kaneki Ken said:

You're wrong. It's not the world that's messed up; it's those of us in it. Yes, some ghouls walk a path that leaves sorrow in their wake, but just like humans, we can choose a different path altogether. We have a lot to learn, both your kind and mine. We need to stop fighting, and start talking. Because when it comes to the state of the world, you can't point your finger at ghouls or humans. We're all to blame.

Even if we walk on different paths, one must always live on as you are able! You must never treat your own life as something insignificant! You must never forget the friends you love for as long as you live! Let bloom the flowers of light within your hearts.

Well it's not like the world is full of sunshine and daisies. If society was only shaped by the view that one must be happy-go-lucky all the time, Hollywood wouldn't make tear-jerking movies, would they?

There isn't anything that's evil to everyone. Even the worst evil saves something. On the other hand, even the greatest good hurts someone. The phrase "There are no absolutes in this world" means there isn't any absolute good or absolute evil.

Tanaka said:

Being angry consumes energy and makes me tired. So I'd rather apologize, even if I'm not at fault. Besides, we get along, and we both want to stay friends. Prolonging an awkward situation out of stubbornness is just silly.

The universe has a beginning, but no end. — Infinity. Stars, too, have their own beginnings, but their own power results in their destruction. — Finite. It is those who possess wisdom who are the greatest fools. History has shown us this. You could say that this is the final warning from God to those who resist.

Ryner Lute said:

People don't kill people, really. Monsters do. Monsters like war, hungry nobles, and greedy kingdoms. And monsters like me, not you.

This world offers no guarantees for the future.