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190 quotes submitted by Dusk252

I know love. The convenience store was selling it. For 298 yen.

Everything you've been taught is based on theories and logic. Soon, you'll come to realize how pointless they are.

Being a detective isn't about bringing someone down, but rather protecting someone.

There are no convenient miracles, and there is logic that should be inviolable.

Who cares about school?! The real me lives on the Internet!

All men are NOT created equal! Some are born smarter, or more beautiful, or with parents of greater status. Some, by contrast, are born of weak body or mind, or with few, if any, talents. All men are different! Yes, the very existence of man is discriminatory! That's why there is war, violence and unrest.

Often times, people simply deny the existence of what they do not understand, and anyone who tells them otherwise is a liar.

No matter where you are, people find a way to entertain themselves.

Beautiful flowers, too, eventually wither and fall. That's the fate of all living beings.

Y said:

Children aren't sweet or innocent. The weird ones are left unchecked. It's rare to find anyone you can trust!

Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget what it taught you.

They say that fools learn from their experiences, while the wise learn from history. I hope you're not a fool.

I am a scientist, I have to act on my own theory. I can't let my emotions get in the way. But it's impossible to forget everything... because I've known you for longer than we've lived. This is reality. This is the world.

Y said:

I found a job after graduation, but it was at the school. So much for sentimental farewells.

I'll do whatever it takes to have everything make sense again!

You can play any character and yet in the end, you yourself are nobody. Your core personality is null. It's empty. That's how you could wear any mask all over your smooth, featureless face and have it fit perfectly.

I really don't know what I should believe in anymore... Even if I believe I'm doing the right thing... Nothing goes well at all.

I am the Defender of the pride of New Hell...!!

...Have I... Stumbled upon a brand new shitty game again...?

Water is the greatest enemy of games.

In the first place, the logic that says "those who play games are kids" is itself an allusion, therefore one might say that shoehorning reality into your stubborn dualism is already a criticism of the self. In short, humans can only recognize reality through the filter called "me" and so they are unable to escape the constraints of their uncanny existence.

Humans shouldn't just disregard something they cannot comprehend while also trying to define it.

An unforeseen situation... An unexpected turn of events... In the face of those, you too will face your true self.

I wonder what sort of criteria you use to divide people into good and evil.

The world is lucky! Despite of how much I hate the world, I have decided to mend it rather than destroy it.

Watashi said:

I always thought of humans as intelligent dominoes, since they tend to follow each other.

Kiba said:

Dying or getting killed isn't something unnatural. Living aimlessly without a purpose is.

I did say that you could ask, but I didn't say that I would answer.

If the ideal world can be found in a bad game, it can be found in the real world as well.

The game design for life is flawed.

Being happy is not a right, but a duty. A duty to yourself. Waiving rights is one thing, but failing in your duty is downright irresponsible.

No fair, sky. I'm the one who feels like crying.

Watashi said:

I should use a cheerful joke to lighten the mood. Would you like a snack? Or, maybe I should snack on you instead?

Shū Ouma said:

I wonder if it's the selfish people who get ahead in this world, after all.

Levels are just numbers. In this world, strength is just an illusion. There are more important things.

Maybe I got something wrong, but it doesn't matter because the thought of wanting to help others definitely isn't wrong.

Watashi said:

It's simply fun to be part of a group sharing the same interests, regardless of what those interests are.

Watashi said:

So, who should we hold responsible? Compensation. Punishment. If you didn't want any problems you shouldn't have taken risks.

Watashi said:

The chickens have earned their right to live, while the humans will go hungry.

Watashi said:

I bet that when they run out of delicacy points, girls turn into old ladies.