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6 comments submitted by Dusk252
[-]Dusk2528 years ago

Dusk252's Avatar
I guess it's easier for someone who hasn't been on at all in that time to notice the change, I guess. But you really did a very nice job with it, is what I mean.

And thank you^^
[-]Dusk2528 years ago

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Hey there, I hope you remember me for like 1 year ago or whatever, kinda been inactive on the site as you might have noticed. Just want to say now that I decided to go back to it as my place of choice to store quotes - it was a wonderful decision. Truly an amazing job you did with the layout compared to what it was and truly a remarkable difference to someone who hasn't gone on the site in ages. Seriously, congrats. (Ah, also just using the opportunity to apologize for the one duplicate quote I submitted in this morning's little spree.)
[-]Dusk2529 years ago

Dusk252's Avatar
No problem^^ We all need to take a break once in a while, I just wanted to know.

And well, I guess that was quite the nice compliment I got there xD Thanks^^
[-]Dusk2529 years ago

Dusk252's Avatar
Hey there^^ Are you still maintaining the site? I just wanted to know, since after a very busy semester I just added quite a big amount of quotes here, but they aren't posted yet.

Sorry if I'm being a bit too impatient or something. Just wondering it I should start recording them anywhere else or so^^'

Have a good day!
[-]Dusk2529 years ago

Dusk252's Avatar
For me it's the best line in the show^^ A quote that I absolutely love.
[-]Dusk2521 decade ago

Dusk252's Avatar
Wow, I come back to the site after two weeks out and a busy time and the layout is completely different.

About the collections... Well, as long as they come back at some point, I guess I'm ok with it, though I do prefer things organized^^' That aside, nice job with the site - it's looking really good!

I'll keep adding quotes and I'll surely notify you of any bugs I might find^^