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I know love. The convenience store was selling it. For 298 yen.

Everything you've been taught is based on theories and logic. Soon, you'll come to realize how pointless they are.

Being a detective isn't about bringing someone down, but rather protecting someone.

There are no convenient miracles, and there is logic that should be inviolable.

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[-]MiraiNikki7 years ago

MiraiNikki's Avatar
Hi and sadly. How come you haven't been online for an while?
[-]cutielove0778 years ago

cutielove077's Avatar
Thanks for accepting!` ^_^
[-]Ishimaru1 decade ago

Ishimaru's Avatar
Hey there. Just wanted to inform you and apologize at the same time, that the quote collections won't be accessible for some time. And you did organize all your favorites using them, so yeah...
[-]Ishimaru1 decade ago

Ishimaru's Avatar
Oh and another thing. If you by any chance stumble upon some bug or weird behavior, I would greatly appreciate you reporting it back to me.
[-]Dusk2521 decade ago

Dusk252's Avatar
Wow, I come back to the site after two weeks out and a busy time and the layout is completely different.

About the collections... Well, as long as they come back at some point, I guess I'm ok with it, though I do prefer things organized^^' That aside, nice job with the site - it's looking really good!

I'll keep adding quotes and I'll surely notify you of any bugs I might find^^
[-]Ishimaru1 decade ago

Ishimaru's Avatar
Collections are back. So yeah... ^^