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Even if mistaken, even if cruel, even if stupid, if many people acknowledge it, I found out that it can become the right thing. I found out that righteousness was able to be infinitely mass-produced. I found out that righteousness was established by the number of people. I found out that maneuvering for a majority was everything.

The night is in its darkest just before dawn. But keep your eyes open. If you avert your eyes from the dark, you'll be blinded by the rays of a new day. So keep your eyes open, no matter how dark the night ahead may be.

A prison, you say? You think you'll be free if you go to the world above? A girl like you can never be free no matter where you go. After all, we humans are apes put in a cage called Earth. There is no difference between the world above and the world below. The only difference is which is bigger or smaller. People who pout about how confining the cage is can never be happy. They live their lives only seeing the iron bars. A true lack of freedom is when you cage your soul.

Listen. Right now, you're trying to shoulder someone else's life. That might be the right thing to do, but that act requires a lot of resolve. It'll become a thorn that can't be removed, and it'll continue to hurt you forever. The briar will continue to grow, but it'll never flower. It'll only hurt, it'll only cause you pain.


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Hi, can you be my friend? Onegai..
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Welcome to less real
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