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21 quotes submitted by CrimsonsArrow
Clow Reed said:

Seasons change just like the passing of time. We all have out destines and then we must move. That's they way it has always been.

The world isn't something that is all planned out. It's something you make yourself.

There are a great many strange things in the world... But, no matter how odd, how incredible something may be, if a human does not touch it, if a human does not see it, if a human is not involved with it, it is simply something that happened. Simply a matter that will fade with time. Humans. Mankind, Homo sapiens. Humans are the most profoundly mysterious living things in the world.

If following the path we have chosen in a way you don't like is the same as defiance, then let it be so!

Narsus said:

Controlling your emotions for the greater goof can be a necessity

unknown said:

Stop trying to act brave when you're weak.

Izumi Nase said:

Power is not something you can by so easily.

unknown said:

Flowers that bloom in the darkness can only be at ease in the darkness

Kazuma said:

Gods are born from wishes. As such, gods with a name are immortal, in a sense. Even a god's death won't change people's faith.

Yato said:

So what? Women an children are nothing special to a god.

Clare said:

It was me, overcome by fear, that I couldn't forgive.

unknown said:

A dictionary is a ship that navigates an ocean of words. Without words, you cannot express your thoughts or be able to have any sort of deep understanding of others. People board the ship we call dictionaries and find the perfect words to gather the small lights floating to the top of the dark waters, Words are lights. But in the ever-changing world, unable to find the right words, there are those who lead troubled lives caged with their own trapped feelings. We need a ship people like that can feel safe boarding. This is the dictionary we are trying to create.

Clare said:

I'm sorry... I'm abandoning my humanity.

Kyubee said:

On this planet you call females who have yet to become adults, girls. It makes sense then that since you'll eventually become withes, you should be called Magical Girls.

Mami Tomoe said:

For me it was different. I didn't have the luxury of thinking about it first. It's not that I regret my decision, I'm alive after all and I think the life I have now is better than being dead. But if you had the chance to think about what you really want, you should take as much time as you want. That wasn't an option for me.

Kyubey said:

Her fate was bound to happen sooner or later. She was the strongest of all magical girls and she destroyed her greatest enemy. It's only natural she'd turn into the wickedest witch of them all. And in her current state I'm estimate it will take her no longer than ten days to destroy the planet. Oh well, it's humanity's problem now. We've filled out quota and have more than enough energy.

The sky, my father, the earth my mother... Within this country, Sagittarius, The Dipper, Three Pedestals, Jeweled Girl. Left Blue Dragon, Right White Tiger, Front Vermilion Bird, Back Black Tortoise, help me. Hurry, Tathata's Command!

Yato said:

You who would desecrate this Land of the Rising Sun! With my advent, I the Yato god,lay waste with the Sekki and expel thy vast defilement

Yato said:

With my advent, I, The Yato God, hereby sever your ties using the Sekki!

unknown said:

May our fates intertwine

unknown said:

May our fates interwine