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"Everything in this world is just a game, and we are merely the pawns." - Gasai, Yuno

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People who’ve had lots of failures talk about those failures as if to imply that if they have another life, they’ll be a big success. After facing all that hardship, they think they won’t mess up again. But they’re all - me included, of course - making a fundamental mistake. Failures know a lot about failure, sure. But knowing failure is completely different from knowing success. Fixing your mistakes doesn’t mean success takes their place - you’ve just got a point to start at, is all. That’s something failures don’t understand.

Just your touch... gets me excited. It makes me so happy. But those feelings will all turn into pain. The happier I am now, the more it'll hurt. I know how cruel this is... but no matter how hard I try, I can't rid myself of this. Nejima-kun... I... don't know... what love is.

Even though you like someone already, your partner is decided for you... and you can't do anything about that crush. Because everyone keeps getting in the way... and saying you can't... But... when you're the one in love... the only thing that feels true... is that feeling.

If you take someone at puberty, a teen... introduce him or her to a member of the opposite sex around the same age and say, "This is the person who was meant for you"... and then go on to spend a lot of time together... why wouldn't you fall for them?

I don't really want you to understand... I just don't want you to be like, 'Oh, is that all'? I don't need people to get it. These feelings... are important to me, and they're just for me.

I no longer pay attention to other people’s skills. It doesn’t matter; at the end of the day, you can only do your best.

One can evoke "extraordinary" abilities if one focuses all energy on just one point.

You can’t cause a change without some courage and determination.

There’s no despair that can’t be overcome by everyday life.

The purpose of practice is to improve your power. The purpose of the real race is to win.

Kusonoki said:

I don’t put much trust in words like "personality" or "disposition" or "character." Those things all change depending on the situation. Looking at it in the long run, what changes people is what situations they get into. People put a lot of faith in consistency, but it’s something more superficial than most people think.

I believe that love is much deeper than that. It’s much more irreversible. It exceeds just caring for each other and continues until both parties become entangled and inseparable. They combine to form a single concept. They become one. Neither of them must come apart. THAT’S LOVE.

Kusonoki said:

You appearing before me was the best thing that’s ever happened in my life. The worst was when you left my sight. …And depending on your reply now, I might have a new best or worst.

"Because I won’t die if I miss." I can totally understand the words of that slugger. We won’t die just because our dreams and efforts prove futile, nor do we need to despair. We both faced much greater despair, so we aren’t afraid of the obstacles that lie before us. We can easily bet on a coin flip while others are too frightened to even pick heads or tails.

Girl said:

The three pleasures of life are "eating", "bathing" and "sleeping"!!

Kusonoki said:

However happy or sad something is, you’ll soon forget it if you don’t get a chance to recall it. What people don’t realize is that they’ve forgotten about forgetting. If everyone really preserved the happiest memory from their past perfectly, they’d only be sadder living in their relatively hollow present. And if everyone preserved the worst memory from their past perfectly, well, they’d still be sad. Everyone just remembers what it’s inconvenient not to remember.

Do you know why you are making the mistake of sacrificing yourself? It’s because you’re weak. It’s because you can’t face reality.

Why can't I steal him from her? There are no rules in the game of love!

Kusonoki said:

Re-explaining my memories through words made good memories easier to savor, and bad memories easier to accept.

Giving people what they want only results in temporary delight, and that you can only make a select few people happy that way.

Girls' hearts are reflected by their underwear's color...!!

Miyagi said:

There can be no going back once you come to love someone.

Cry when you’re sad. Laugh when you’re happy. Get angry when you don’t like something. Depend on someone when you’re depressed. Care for yourself before you care for others. Don’t hate anyone. Be proud of yourself. Stay loyal when you fall in love.

Is there some rule that says I have to give up just because I was rejected?!

Kusonoki said:

I’d rather have my physical pain exceed my mental pain than the other way around. By hurting myself just enough, I could turn my attention to that.

If I abandoned you, I would be released from this pain. I would live on. But before long, I would end up seeking you again, for all my actions are ultimately devoted to you and only you. All I want is to stay on target and walk straight ahead—ignoring the losses and opposition, and even the results. That’s all I can do. Some people might call it an obsession, others may deem it a miracle—but to me and many others, my driving rationale couldn’t be more obvious and natural. There are people who understand this and there are people who don’t, and I simply happen to belong to the first group. The only difference is whether they have noticed that they don’t need boxes to make their wishes come true, and what it means to fulfill a wish. My commitment to find you comes with great suffering. Not once have I thought it’s easy. For your sake, I laughed, cried, and yelled. Because of you, I destroyed my heart, my body, and the world. Still, I’m only really alive when I’m touching the fragment of you that I carry within me. Even if I don’t reach you in the end… Even if I know the horrible outcome that awaits me… I will keep searching for you, who dwells inside Maria. I’m going to vanish. Maybe I’m getting my just deserts for being too greedy with my wish. To be honest, part of me regrets that we met, but if I were to choose between a life in which we met and a life in which we didn’t, I would always pick the former. Always. I’m sure of that, even though I may be hesitating over, wavering about, and regretting my choices all the time. I will not have accomplished anything by the time I vanish, and I’m certainly not mature enough to say that I can accept that. Even now, I’m still dreaming— …that my efforts might be rewarded with some kind of happy ending.

Life has no weight in itself; it’s a concept created by the observer that does not have a definite form. Essentially, life does not entail multiple instances but is just one massive wobbly lump. However, we tend to refer to the bodies that were formed out of that giant lump as “lives”. The essence of life is in all of us and can’t be “stolen” or “born.” As long as the essence of life exists, life does not decrease or increase, and it certainly won’t disappear.

Knowing what's in store for me means I have nothing to look forward to. If I know something good's going to happen... then when it does, I'm only half as happy about it because I knew in advance. And then when I know something bad is going to happen... when it does, I get overwhelmed with this sense of defeat... and feel even worse.

Five said:

You should just steal the things you want.

You can erase the memories, but you can't erase the feelings behind them.

I thought that would be the only way I could become the world's strongest man. But you know... It didn't work. Your heart isn't something you can get rid of. If you're trying to get rid of your heart, your heart is making you do it. You can never abandon everything to get stronger. The one thing you can never stop is falling in love with someone!

The people laughing are laughing at their own ignorance.

Liars always say the same things. "I'll believe in you. I'll protect you. I care about you." I'll never believe that again... No one will ever protect me. I won't even think about it. I'll fight alone, live alone, and die alone. I know... I've felt it on my skin and in my body... That it's better not to believe in anyone than believe and be betrayed!

Oh? What are you surprised about!? Do you think that I'm someone who would give up after being rejected just once!? Hospitalized or not, I shall continue to polish myself and become even moooore of a spectacular lady, and return to you!!

Ah, that's right. Me hating that her hard work wouldn't be rewarded was just my secondary reason. My motivation was actually much simpler-- from the first time I met this girl, I just wanted to see her smiling face.

I was able to become strong because I still believe those words. That a man can't become strong for revenge's sake. He becomes strong because he believes in something.

Maiko Shuu said:

To enjoy my youth properly. She might've been talking about something like this. To live without thinking about consequences or what's around me with all my strength. That's what it was about...

Yoshii Akihisa-kun, when a person with ability, but is unfairly treated, tries to get back the position he deserves, will you step in to interfere?

Humans can lie with words. And they can deceive with actions. You can't trust their eyes, voices, or expressions. But when they're about to die, their faces show the truth, no matter what.

I confessed you know!? Many, many times! Even though I knew the answer from my mouth... with my voice! I confessed you know!? Have you ever looked at Raku straight in the eyes!? Is that all you've got for Raku!? At least for the last time, you need to be a little more truthful to yourself!! If you really liked him, then you can't just pretend like nothing ever happened!!