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45 quotes submitted by Cregath

Right... Illusion... It was an illusion... For people to continue on living they need some sort of aspiration. Thinking they will become wealthy eventually... Thinking they will become famous eventually... Holding belief onto the existence of heaven... Everyone believes in their own respective illusions and hallucinations. And they forget the painfulness of reality. There are those who discover value in two dimensions and free themselves from the third. There are those who find reality in their work and free themselves from their families. But... I understand. That there is no actual reality anywhere... Everything everywhere is just a stupid illusion. There is nothing that is true... Whichever belief, or whatever feeling, they're all just opportune bullshit. Me... and my feelings are illusions too... Because everyone is living out their respective bullshit... they are "free".

Humans are pitiful beings, walking forward their backs to the future gazing at the past. This is why they fail to notice the simplest pitfalls and stumble tragically and comically.

Reki said:

There is no such thing as forever. Everything ends sooner or later. Just as it should. Because now is only now. And this moment... is so precious.

It's still a form of love. To those with the emotion of love, acts of rebelling, anger, cursing, fighting, and killing do not work in contradiction to that emotion. Rather, too strong a love could quicken them. What the other wishes is not all there is to love.

Ikoma said:

Look. Look at me! Watch as the man you cast out spills his blood and dies. Take a nice long look! I will save you all. I want you to live the rest of your lives knowing the man you abandoned saved you. And I will laugh at you from the afterlife. And tell you that it serves you right!

Of course. Humans can be kind because there are things they do not understand. If they knew everything, they would attempt nothing. If they attempted nothing, nothing new would happen. Humans seek answers to the things they do not know. That is how kindness, nostalgia, joy, and fun are born.

I think I would like someone else to kill me. I want someone else to interfere with my life. Is that not what wanting to be loved means, Saikawa-sensei? No life is born of it's own volition. Isn't the instinctive desire of beings, born not of their own volition, for their lives to be taken in the same way?

Love is a delusion. If both have the same delusion, that love becomes real. However... if the feelings of each one is different, that is nothing more than a joke...

The writing end when the writing ends... No... Accurately said, it is not written to an end. If you write a story to a certain point, can you say it is fully written? This has been paining me in all those long years as someone who writes. The journeys of humans make for such interesting stories, yet... But where does the journey start and where does it end... Even I do not know an answer to this...

So because you think you got the ending, you're giving up on viewing the whole play? Even though it could still lead to a climax that you weren't able to predict?

But what does it even matter?! The heart of a human who peeks at the truth, unprepared, holding half-baked hopes... will be easily smashed... again and again! That is why truth is supreme!! The stone-cold truth without any compassion, is the most beautiful of all! Hearts and stuff that can't be seen with your eyes?! Illusions?! What worth do they have?!

And yet, at the end of the day, we are just like tree leaves dancing in a whirlpool. No matter how we dance, we are only swallowed by the whirlpool and disappear...

Beatrice said:

When a human, gives birth to a child, they give it a form. When they give it a name, they recognize it. And when they raise it in the world, they deepen it's existence.

The important things in life, like feelings, hearts, and souls, are all things you can never see. The more you try to reassure yourself that they exist, the more you feel they don't exist at all. But right now, I know for sure that they do exist. They're so close, you can almost touch them.

It is right for me, but not for you. Either way, the concept of "right" means no more than that.

Every individual human affects the surrounding environment. But humans do not exist for the things and people around them. Often, they mistakenly think that they wish to exist for the sake of others, or to help everyone. They can not accept that they don't know why they exist, yes? They always want an answer. That is the nature of the animals called "humans".

No one fears death. They fear the life that leads up to death. If one could die without suffering, no one would fear death, right? Being alive is, itself, an exception. The natural state of things is death. And life is, itself, a kind of sickness. When the illness is cured, your life vanishes.

Kai Sudo said:

Does this world feel like hell to you? Of course it does, because it is. So take it all in, don't even blink, Miroku. There's no place like hell! We made it so. With our lust, and greed. It always comes down to this. Life is desire. It's what we do. When desire meets desire, the stronger survives. The predator will eat the prey. It's dirty, and cruel. But just look around you, there is so much beauty in this truth. And yet you still look away. And you waste all your time alone in your head. Don't deny your desires. Hell is the real paradise. And we, my friend, are in paradise! Don't look away, Miroku!

Oh, please. This world is so entertaining because it doesn't do anyone's bidding!

Urutori said:

It's alright to feel sad. When you're sad, you should experience that sorrow fully. It's not too late to move on after that.

Kai Sudo said:

I just need a witness. When they ask you about me, I want you to tell them this... I'm going on a journey... to eternity and beyond!

...Without love, it cannot be seen? ...Hah. That's backwards... Because of love, you end up seeing things that don't even exist.

Gaap said:

Don't deny your dreams, ok? There is no point at all in taking a first step, if your eyes are closed and you don't gaze at the future.

Hakuoro said:

Couldn't be possible? It is not impossible. I have no memories of what I've done up until now. Anything could be possible. I had no idea... Or maybe I tried not to think about it. Having no memories is such an unnerving, frightening thing.

I never change. I am a magical devil girl, for all eternity. In order to stay unchanged, I needed a powerful life-changing battle to destroy the stress I had built up in the name of staying unchanged... That's right. It's the natural logic of the world.

The words you've said cannot be taken back. So you must take action to paint over what you have already said.

Ki-ja said:

It's splendid that Kouka has become a place of fond memories for you. However, you must not ignore the words of your father and mother. They will not be around to scold you forever. You should treasure the times they teach you important things.

Gaap said:

'Slacking off' sounds bad. However, enjoying more of your day with the time you saved by doing your job in a clever way is definitely not a bad thing. Times like that are what makes a human's life rich. If you exaggerate, it could be called laziness, surely. However, people only become mature when they are able to balance work with enjoyment. In short, if all you care about is your job, you're not fully mature.

Gilgamesh said:

"Hero of Justice? A world where no one is hurt?" Don't be absurd. "Humanity" is the name for an animal that cannot find joy in life without sacrifice. The pretty lie that is "equality" is nonsense spouted by weaklings who cannot look upon the darkness. Nothing but an excuse to cover up life's ugliness.

Su-won said:

However, even if it is reckless... I don't think someone who is making their best effort to try and break through the current situation is foolish.

That, I don't want to do. You may feel that I'm currently an abnormal Nagato Yuki. That judgement is correct. But I myself cannot accept that I am abnormal... because if I do, I'll become alone. I was scared, so I tried to hide it.

That's probably true. I like talking with people. I wonder if speaking with me is boring though. Since once people talk to me, they'll never do it again. But I don't feel like starting a conversation either, since in the direction I ought to look, there are only people who I cannot talk to. That's why I look at the sky... It's strange how merely observing things can be so handy to kill time. It hurts that I get called a weirdo just for making a habit out of it and in the end it just makes me stare at the sky even more. I've probably always been like this. Thinking about it, there's nothing I can do about my passiveness. Waiting things out is just my nature. I'm sure that... things will get better someday...

Whatever. It's okay, isn't it? Being dishonest with your feelings is part of who you are. If that would just suddenly change overnight, you'd be a different person.

There's no need to rush. Sometimes even pointless conversations can teach you a thing or two.

Natsume said:

Everyone's reality is freight with some degree of pain. What's wrong with seeing what makes you happy in your dreams?

Natsume said:

Even now, she continues to burn away her life in order to bring about a beginning rather than an end... She just looks forward while dreaming of the outside world. But you know what I think? Isn't it a bad thing to just look forward? Sometimes looking to the side, or looking back... There just might be something important there. You may have lost something. There may be the smile of a loved one. Isn't it impotant to try looking around once in a while? That's how it was for me. I could only ever face forward, could only move my legs with reckless abandon. I never had any idea what sort of footprints I might be leaving behind me. No, in truth, I couldn't even look ahead. The fact that I've never seen anything was scary... so I went on a trip to find what I truly desired.

Applying knowledge is of the utmost importance when studying. You wrestle with various things and come up with a solution from there. It's true that asking someone who knows the answer is the quickest. But you can't necessarily say that that's the best way, don't you think?

Everyone lives their own way. Whether you live for yourself or live for others... that is your own decision. A life of earnestly protecting and tending to someone isn't bad either. Though it's not that glorious of a life.

I don't like sparklers all that much. It burns so beautifully for just a little while and when it's done, only black cinders remain. It's like a misbegotten life and it makes me feel lonely for no good reason.