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9 quotes submitted by Chrome

The only ones who are allowed to look me in the eye as I speak are those that serve me. No one that opposes me is allowed to look down on me.

What is "Courage"? Courage is owning your fear!

It's meaningless to just live, and it's meaningless to just fight. I want to win.

They'll use you as much as they want; then once they're done with you, they'll all disappear.

We cannot be satisfied until we have eliminated all others. It has nothing to do with reason. It is instinct.

Tsume said:

I don't trust anyone, so no one trusts me

Katsuragi said:

People are strongest when they have got nothing to lose.

If you believe it was destined to happen it is most likely to happen, if you believe nothing has been decided then most likely nothing has been decided.

Winning is everything in this world. The victors write history. The losers are wiped from it.