"I´m too lazy to write myself an introduction" Wow...this website can read my mind O.O yes, I am too lazy XD

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4 years ago
In: Quote Submission Guidelines

there is an anime called "kingdom"...I meant that one...the database here even knows the main chara from it... it´s an anime, but it´s not really popular...sadly...

4 years ago
In: Quote Submission Guidelines

well, that kinda was my point, that there are some animes that they do not know, so they can´t approve qoutes from them, which is kinda sad...i´d like to change that if possible... anyways, I tried commenting on that qoute, so we´ll see...

4 years ago
In: Quote Submission Guidelines

interesting fact, that the haikyuu qoutes I posted got accepted right away, while the one from Kingdom is still waiting for approval...also it didn´t recignize the character from kingdom that said the qoute...