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Posts by AvalonReject
5 years ago
In: User Titles

You can always be fabulous and try to seduce---ahm ahm--- overthrow the less-real hierarchy.

6 years ago
In: lets start a story

And than Jupiter's sons, technically its moons waged war on the rock which was as big as a planet now!

6 years ago
In: Who are you?

"Who am I?" ...

6 years ago
In: lets start a story

But since you can't digest a ROCK! He got out as rock poo!

6 years ago
In: lets start a story

But it was no ordinary rock! ...

6 years ago

TO those heroes that sacrifice their time to approve these lovely quotes submitted by the masses in a bid to elevate the human soul by shining light on the pits of the human heart which consequently elevate the foundation of thought in the human mind; this servant of literature humbly requests that you slow down. ...

6 years ago
In: Visual Novels (as Source)

Not many people would actually bother to upload a screen shot though. Likewise mods won't actually try to check the authenticity of the quotes by tracking the source.

6 years ago
In: Join Less-Real

My body is ready!

6 years ago
In: Visual Novels (as Source)

While your argument is valid, even when we do specify where the quote is from it doesn't extend the same information to the people visiting the site, it's simply there for the authenticity of the quote. I posted alot of quotes from VNs myself, put the name under anime and that didn't really make much of a difference since it would appear the same regardless of the categorisation.

6 years ago
In: Slow Approval

I really think the page needs more moderators. I don't see new quotes for weeks and sometimes even a month.