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Posts by AqworldThunder
7 years ago
In: The Best Anime Series That Has Made You Cry?

I don't think any anime series has ever made me cry, maybe get a little feely or philosophical but not cry. I shed a tear at the end of the manga Akumetsu, such a fucked up ending.

8 years ago
In: Who is the GREATEST HERO in Anime History!!!?

My definition of a hero isn't prince charming who comes on a horse and magically saves the day, but it sure as hell isn't Lelouch. I get what you are all saying, but calling an obvious ANTI-HERO a hero is ridiculous. He killed and "sacrificed" tens if not hundreds of millions of life's for revenge on 1 person, and the main aspect in which I dislike Lelouch is his constant pretentious attitude which makes him seem the same as the one he wants revenge on. ...

8 years ago
In: Who is the GREATEST HERO in Anime History!!!?

Lelouch... a hero? Didn't he kill tens of millions of people to achieve the fake "peace" at the end? And he didn't die, he's immortal ya baka

8 years ago
In: What if everyone you know was going to die tomorrow?

I'd go and make more friends, I don't have anyone that close. C'est la vie I guess.