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9 quotes submitted by Animfreak
Korosensei said:

To kill is an action which overflows in everyday life. In actuality the more you try to be accepted, the more you kill your unrestrained self.

The only lucky item you'll need is already within - CONFIDENCE.

A plate that has has been cracked will never be whole again.Even so, you can use it if you repair it, and if it was necessary, I'd expend the effort on it

All these things you guys seek....hard work, guts, faith....I'll crush them all.

An apple a day keeps any one away, if you throw it hard enough!

In the world of sports, quickness doesn't necessarily mean having the fastest time. It could also mean the acceleration from zero to maximum speed or the deceleration from maximum speed to zero. This is known as agility.

I won't say you'll definitely be able to do it if you don't give up. But if you do give up, then there'll definitely be nothing.

With out strong opponents, living isn't fun. It's perfect if I can't win.

* The Zone * In this state of extreme focus, all unnecessary thoughts disappear and the athlete becomes absorbed in his play. Only those who have practiced and practiced earn the right to stand before the door, and it only opens unpredictably. It is the ultimate domain, open only to the chosen.