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Do you know how they say that love is like a dream? With a dream, you eventually wake up from it. It's hard to force yourself to wake up.

Romance is all about how far you'll go to prove your love. Finding a person who's worth the effort is pure luck. You just gotta wait for the right hurricane to sweep you off your feet.

Resenting the past won't change anything. It just makes me want to kill myself! I have some control over my future, but there's no changing the past! I'll simply do what I can right now.

Misa Amane said:

Unless someone makes the first move, nothing will happen.

When you're enjoying yourself, doesn't that mean that somebody else is suffering as a result?

A scar indicates that something is missing. You lost something important, and there's a hole in your heart. Having that empty hole can lead to anger, hate, despair, or... it can make you reach for the sky.

A clever retreat? Throw that to the dogs! Once you've dived into the battlefield, you can only devote yourself to the fight, regardless of your opponent!

unknown said:

One forgets who they really are. Well, you could say we spend our lives without knowing who we really are. What's important is to face the future, and do only what you know you can do.

Everyone's life has equal weight, and a doctor's job is to save those lives.

unknown said:

There is power in being used.

unknown said:

If you want to get by in the world, you simply can't sit around on your haunches all the time.

I don't want to hold onto a dream only to have it crushed later.

I don't want to die, either. But I'm an aristocrat. It's an honor to die for one's people. You make fun of it, but is it that insignificant to die for everyone else?

It's only natural for a man to protect the girl he likes.

A faint clap of thunder, clouded skies; perhaps rain comes. If so, will you stay here with me?

Well, if you're going to die anyway, then do your best to act like a hero.

The wealthy like to put on a display.

A mature lady shouldn't show any weakness at any time.

I was practicing how to walk too; I realize that now. One day, when I can walk much further on my own... I will go see her.

A faint clap of thunder. Even if rain comes not, I will stay here together with you.

We're human, after all. We've got our own little quirks.

At times like these, you shouldn't depend on people's advice, but think about it thoroughly by yourself and make a decision. Because there's no right answer when it comes to love. Whatever your answer is, if it's your own choice, then it's right.

Don't judge me if you don't stand in my position.

How will you live if every little thing from your memories always hurts you easily?

"My heart controls the world." But who can I control if I'm the only one living in this world?

The most annoying thing is that I can't do anything for you, even though you're crying.

Thinking about whether it's because of jealousy or just saying it out loud by accident, aren't they all part of love? Love isn't always sweet.

I'm the one who selfishly decides who's my friend and who's not.

Girls are more fragile than you think. They can be hurt by the smallest things.

The fun things, the painful things, the things that happened, the things we've cried about, the things we've smiled about, when we remember them, everything will be glittering.

You wouldn't get an answer no matter how much you think about it. Love is not Japanese nor Math. It doesn't need thoughts of reasons. You will be aware of it when that person is next to you.

Even if I'm an outsider, even if I'm hers for only a moment, I wanted to become someone special to her. Just by being together with me, just for a little while, I wanted her to be happy.

Whether we move forward or stop, we're going in different directions little by little.

If you don't feel anything for me, just leave me alone. I don't want your tepid kindness.

If we love someone, we need to tell them about it. That way, we'll feel relieved and a lot stronger.

There were many tears, many unsure times, and many troubled moments. The fun memories were only a few, but even so, those memories will shine bright like stardust and continue to shine on in my heart.

I knew this was a losing battle. Even though the outcome was obvious, I still wanted to bet on that one millimeter of a possibility.

To turn someone down and to be turned down by someone... To be hurt by someone and to hurt someone... A love where no one gets hurt doesn't exist.

Even though I'm expressionless, being told that I'm annoying still hurts.

Our minds don't work the way we expect them to.