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Posts by Adil
5 years ago
In: Your favorite game?

The Shin Megami Tensei; Persona series :D

5 years ago
In: The game that everyone played.

True story XD

6 years ago
In: Short Funny Manga Memes! The LRgag? xD Just can't stop laughing at this

6 years ago
In: What was the last show you completed?

Guilty Crown, and it opened the feels jar...

6 years ago

For those of you who like playing MMORPGs, could you please suggest me some. Also, I'm looking for people who play Dragon Nest >.> If you're not playing it yet but wanna, you can can the game at (6.12GB)

6 years ago

6 years ago

Lets make this the laughter corner... or whatever. POST THE FUNNIEST ANIME PICS YOU HAVE, we all wanna see em'. okay, maybe not all but I do *^* I'll start since I got plenty like this

6 years ago
In: Anime to reality

Bleach... That just has to be my chosen.

6 years ago
In: Have You Ever?

YES. Have you ever seen something creepy and thought it was a Poltergeist?

6 years ago
In: Have You Ever?

Nope, never. Have you ever eaten ramen?

6 years ago
In: What's your dream?

My dream huh. That would be to change this world.