Quotes from "xxxHOLiC"

The world isn't something that is all planned out. It's something you make yourself.

If you've decided that you can't do it even before you act, you have already made it into something impossible.

No matter how small the problem is, how small the thing is, it always affects the people around you.

Your happiness is your own business. Its a promise you make to yourself. It is a reward you give yourself for accomplishing what you set out to do, for achieving what you strive for. But if you fail to reward yourself for what you have accomplished, then you are essentially breaking a promise to yourself. Its like a breach of contract, compensation must always be made. You must pay all of the debts that you made, even to yourself.

If you're gonna have great happiness, it requires great effort in exchange, that's called compensation. For the good things in life, there are the bad. For the bad things in life, there are always the good. In order for you to be happy, you must be willing to accept a burden of a equal amount of unhappiness in exchange as your payment. The more you achieve, the greater the demands will be placed upon you in return.

If you believe it was destined to happen it is most likely to happen, if you believe nothing has been decided then most likely nothing has been decided.

Humans must think about living on. And, must also understand death. Most important, we must learn to understand the truth.

Instead of regretting what we cannot do, it is better to do what one can. Even for example, what you do has nothing to do with results, you must forge forward.

One day a man had a dream. He dreamed that he was a butterfly. He fluttered and fluttered, flew and flew. He so loved the feeling of freedom that he decided that he was a butterfly. But when he woke up, he wasn't a butterfly. He was a human after all. Then the man thought, "I wonder if I, The Man, dreamed that I was a butterfly or if this moment is truly the dream. Maybe the man I am now is a dream that a butterfly is having.

If you believe in it, it is real. If you do not - it is fiction.

Learn to make your own decisions, instead of relying on others to make them for you. Otherwise, those decisions will never really be made.

Good and bad are human concepts, so something that is not human cannot be classified as neither good nor bad.

Family is other people. No matter how close your blood relationship is... no matter what your relationship may be... anyone other than you is not you! And so you have to think it over and decide for yourself! Take away other people's wants and needs, and decide if this is something that is necessary for you! It may cause hardships to others, but you want it. That's your free will right there! But you ignore that and decide based on someone else's advice, because decency demands it, because people say it's awful, you will fail and quit. No one could succeed that way! You don't understand what you're trying to do. With that as your background, how do you expect to make a promise to yourself? But the opposite way... there are risks there too, of course. If you decide to take the action that best suits you, there will be people who won't understand. People will be saddened by your actions.

There are two types of dreams. Dreams from when you're awake and dreams from when you sleep. And both of those can become reality, if you strongly wish for it.

Often times, people simply deny the existence of what they do not understand, and anyone who tells them otherwise is a liar.

Words are very powerful. That's why you have to watch everything that comes out from your mouth.

Mysterious things are everywhere. So bizarre as often as you can hear of them. Without witness, with sight unseen, without a care it is simply a phenomenon. Merely not of concern. In this world, mankind itself has its own fantastic wonders.

Being happy is not a right, but a duty. A duty to yourself. Waiving rights is one thing, but failing in your duty is downright irresponsible.

People can wish for anything. Happiness or unhappiness. No matter what kind of choice you made, it was the result you chose... As long as you're not regretting the result, it is all right.

The world... is a very small place, but... for those who know it, it is very, very large. And the world... when it is viewed by those who know... is far larger than just one world can hold.